Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wives are SO in denial...

It's 4am here in Los Angeles, and I've just got off the air from doing a live interview for the LK morning television show on GMTV in the UK, aired on ITV.  Well, it's a good job I did do the link from so far away as the debate started to get a bit heated, and, I still can't believe the denial ridden rubbish that the 'wronged wife' in the London studio was spouting. She really truly believed it was the 'other woman's fault' for MAKING her husband cheat on her while she was pregnant. Bottom line is she chose a crappy guy as husband material in the first place (obvious by the way she said he was treating her) but rather than take responsibility for that, and even going on to have his kids too, she'd rather try and blame someone else (the OW) and use her as the scapegoat. (Although, it sounds to me like getting rid of her husband was the best thing that could have happened to her in the long run.  What a toad to do what he did!).  

Wives, for the record, a woman cannot lure your husband away.  A woman cannot force your husband to cheat on you, nor force him to have sex with her.  A wife can push her husband to stray though, and, she can be so indifferent toward him that he may not want to come home to her at all....unless he has to!  You have no idea the depth of deceit some of your husbands go to when they make the CONSCIOUS decision to cheat on you.  Mistresses can unknowingly become as much of a victim as the wife, and ultimately both women end up being manipulated by the same selfish guy.  Fact! 

Here is the link to the Oprah Show I did in 2007, as it also shows some 'wronged (American) wives.'

It's beyond crazy that the wife continually chooses to blame the other woman when her husband is caught playing away.  Ironically the wife needs to look at herself in the relationship and see what responsibility she needs to take as to why he is looking for another woman in the first place.  So many women check out of their marriages both physically and mentally that it's no wonder so many men are out there on the prowl seeking fulfillment of their emotional and physical needs.  Men are simple creatures, they just need attention.  Wives if you start to realize that, and, try to act more like a mistress at the same time, then I guarantee you will stop many of your husbands from cheating on you! 

I'm working with a lot of wives out here in LA, coaching them on how to keep their husbands from straying.  I'm using my past, as a mistress, to help troubled marriages.  Being the only 'Infidelity Analyst' in the world I'm a busy girl right now, helping women across America "affair proof" their marriages.  I'm not looking to alienate anyone, I am trying to empower all women to be the best they can, to be in charge of their relationships and their minds and....to keep their man!!!!!

Must dash, there's work to be done.
Sarah J.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dating Intervention...

Sisters, I'm still hearing from so many of you who are still with your married man,  still complaining that he won't leave his wife and how much pain that it's causing you, yet - you are still staying?  Come on girls, use me as an example to look at what you are doing (or rather, not doing) with your life. Don't accept a mediocre life by being second best in a relationship!  I know I couldn't do it again, not now I have been set free mentally by making the commitment to find a single guy and real love.

Use me as an example and as your inspiration to move on.  As you know, after my affair with Gordon hit the media I felt so bad that I had fallen off the wagon, again, and I decided to try and change my life from then on.  I am transforming and trying to self-improve myself every day.  The transition is empowering and exhausting at the same time. I can't wait til I meet Mr. Right though, and I will know immediately as I have been waiting for him all my life!

It seems there are some decent single guys out there you know, and I'm finding it so much fun to actually date a guy without having to 'worry what time he has to be home!!'  I'm totally not used to it. This week I have met a Cancer Doctor and a Vampire (If only I could roll them both into one, LOL) so watch this space.....as it's gonna happen :-)

On another note, check out this story that was in the Fabulous Magazine last Sunday.  Fabulous is the Sunday Magazine of the News of the World Newspaper and it really IS fabulous.  Here is a mistress who is happy dating her married men, and since you know that I like to keep it real and even handed on my blog, I have to share this story with you too. It looks like she is in charge of her emotions and is living the life she wants to.  Thats all I recommend to anyone.  Live the life that suits your soul. I wasn't anymore, which is exactly why I had to go straight.  You will see my cheating tips at the end of the article too.  

Send me your dating stories sisters of the mistresshood, and GET OUT there and look for a single man!!!  You will wonder what took you so long.  I know I did!
Good luck
Sarah J. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Business of Bulls**t

Sisters, while sitting here writing my diary I notice that today's quote of the day is one from George Washington, and I just have to share it with you, it said, "LET YOUR DISCOURSE WITH MEN OF BUSINESS BE SHORT AND COMPREHENSIVE."  I love it - and, if we just replace the word 'business' with the word 'bullshit' then I think we have our new mission statement for the dating arena (and definitely for the mistresshood eh). Wise words from a wise man, and even though he made that statement in the 1700's we can still definitely learn from it today...

Ironically, I met a lovely George myself today, in LA.  All I can tell you is that he is delectably tall dark and handsome!  Incase you're reading this George, thanks for making me smile today and, thanks a lot for 'Ruby.'  :-)

That's all 
Sarah J. x

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Around the World in 80 Men....

Helloooo sisters, and brrrr from a freezing cold, very snowy, London. Thank God I made it back from Stockholm though, as it was even colder there. I did the talk show (the host was delicious) and here is a link to the show; the first part is in Swedish, and I come on about 29 minutes into the show, so when the screen opens just push the slider across and you will see me come on after a few guests....(By the way, look for my parents in the audience and giving advice to me at the end of the interview...SO cute they are.)

Now to my dating news, and, as I said, this dating business is hard.  I am fending off the married ones with a stick (you would be proud of Ex-Mistress Sarah for that, and at the same time I'm sure not surprised to hear how many MMs out there are dying to have an affair).  Regards the single guys, here's the scoop so far. 
*Sweden -  no interesting guys, so no dates.  
*Myrtle Beach, the date was a disaster (Note to sisters, 26 year olds are great in the bedroom, but not so great in other areas of life such as responsibility and gentlemanly acts, and spoiling a girl.  Why would they be at 26 though eh?).  
*LA a couple of dates from Match.com but nothing special so far.  (I know, MATCH.COM you cry, but what to do?  It's hard out there for an ex-mistress who has professed she will be married within a year... cut me a bit of slack ladies.)
*New York City, and, is the best yet to come?  Well I will be there this week on business, and hopefully some pleasure - especially as it is the run up to Valentines Day. (Note to sisters: remember what I tell you in the 'Handbook for the Other Woman' about what you should expect from your MM at Valentines Day, especially if VD happens to fall on a weekend!  Do NOT accept his excuses for not being able to take you to dinner!) 
Check my Mistresses Anonymous link any time you need extra support

I am trying to inspire you all that life is better with a single guy, and that there are some decent ones out there if you look, however, you know I always speak my mind and tell you the truth, and right now it is like a desolate wasteland of testosterone out there, but, I am NOT going to fall off the wagon. I will find Mr. Right ...(I hope!.)

Keep the faith
Catch you later...
Sarah J. x

Friday, February 6, 2009

Greetings from Sweden!

Hello from Sweden, where it is snowing.  I'm here to do TV talk show.  Did you know that Stockholm has the largest population of single people of any capital city in the world? So, I am looking for husband material here, but so far no luck.  Thank you all for your messages of support on my quest to find my Mr. Right.  It is bloody hard though as I am sure many of you know.  Not hard in that I am still attracted to the marrieds, as I am not.  I have been able to quit my addiction to the bad boys and MM's and Mr. Ramsay was my last married man thank you very much.  But just hard to find someone that you can connect with and have chemistry with, who is halfway decent looking, and doesn't need a truck for his amount of baggage, sigh!  Anyhow, I'll keep on trucking on my road to romance, and have no fear, I will be married by this time next year.

Sarah J.