Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grizzly Endings....

I heard a sad story today, and whatever part of the world you are in, you are bound to have heard it too by now: - the story of the 7ft 'Grizzly' bear, named Rocky, that mauled it's trainer to death in Southern California.  What a tragic, but very real story.

I was lucky enough to be a guest, a few years ago, to the exact site of this tragedy - that of the "Predators in Motion" holding of wild animals - a gated community of wild, essentially man-eating beasts, expertly trained for stunts and movies by the absolutely awesome Randy Miller and his crew. I would liken Randy to a modern day Tarzan, really I would, both in his exquisitely exotic looks, as well as his hardened persona.  They just do not make people like Randy any more, weird and wonderful as he is, he is an amazingly fearless human being, and drop dead gorgeous to boot!  I remember how, during our visit to Randy, his proud father, Alan, had us all sit in front of Randy's big TV screen to watch the scenes of him wrestling with tigers in the movie "Gladiator," when he acted as Russell Crowe's stunt body double.  Us women gathered were in awe of him.  I for one was besotted, and as we sat on his simple porch, eating the wonderful feast he had cooked for us, I had to wonder how he could be so brave and seemingly so gentle too.

All that said, a human life was lost today, taken by an animal who we humans may try to placate, but can never own.  It's instincts obviously kicked in, and who knows why.  But as the saying goes, live by the sword, die by the sword.  

I alerted my friend, who had taken me to Randy Millers compound for that BBQ, 6 years ago this June, about the tragedy, and he summed it up in his own spiritual way: He said, "Sarah, I now it's sad, but that was his own choice on how to live his life, and his father would know one day how he would die.  He would be happy in his life, because he made his choice."

I ask you all to relate to those wise words.
Sarah J. x

Friday, April 18, 2008

Calling all L.A. Mistresses

Dear Sisters of the Mistress-hood (SOMs?) if any of you are current mistresses, living and operating in L.A. or past mistresses still in recovery, please email me in confidence to I would love to talk to you about an upcoming project I'm working on to finally get our voice heard in society!!

Sarah J. x

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Circumstantial Mistress?

Sisters, I would like to ask all of you, how many of you actually chose the "lifestyle of a mistress" and how many of you fell in to it purely by accident?  Did you set out to make it happen, or was it thrust at you through a set of circumstances that presented themselves?

Let's try getting the ground breaking "Mistresses Anonymous Forum" going here, via my blog. And remember, if you do not wish to post your real name with a comment, make one up, or be sure to go under "anonymous."

Peace and Pleasure,
Talk soon
Sarah J. x

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In It For Love...?

Well sisters of the mistresshood, I wasn't sure what I was going to write today, but I just took a look at the reviews listed by my readers on, and came across a new one written by a lady, who entitled the review, "Initforlove."  She basically has castigated any mistress who expects, or God forbid desires, to be spoiled with nice gifts and good things in life by her MM - further saying that my book pretty much related only to 'other women' who acted like prostitutes... adding that she, like many others, only used married men for sex and good company (err? isn't that just an unpaid prostitute, hmm...)
So now, first of all, let me clear something up here: - I am not (and I quote) "under the impression that women only use men for money and gifts" (unquote).  Any real mistress, especially one who is in the middle of getting her heart broken, or is recovering from intense heartbreak and wasted years of empty promises and lies, will know that while an MM selfishly uses his OW for sex and good times (purely to help the longevity of his stale marriage) the wife, whom he is cheating on, is benefiting from ALL of his new found happiness (which his OW is providing remember) as well as from his financial security in general (that's if you're involved with a wealthy MM of course - and if not, WHY not??).  I hear from my mistresses all the time, how they are "annoyed their MM never helps them in any way, yet shows-off about how he has bought the wife (whom he doesn't love and who doesn't make him happy) that new car, or a trip to the Caribbean...."

So please, do explain why, when the cheating MM is buying his wife those "guilt gifts," taking her on family vacations, and out for nice dinners (just so she doesn't suspect him of anything of course) that he cannot treat his wonderful, caring, and attentive other woman in the same way, if not better? Cos, I'd LOVE to know.... (Note to MM's: We OW don't all just live to give you blow jobs you know!)

I do, however, admire the reader for being so detached, and so cold in her emotions toward her MMs (which is what I tell ALL you mistresses to do - protect your hearts, i.e. NEVER let yourself fall in love with him!!) yet, her title of, "Initforlove" seems to contradict that whole attitude.  The only thing I can assume is that A). she is an extremely wealthy, older woman who enjoys male company but can't find any single ones - if so, then bravo sister - it is certainly better than paying for a gigolo! B). She is a youngster, and is happy being gratuitously used for sex at this stage - to that I would say, keep reading my blog, you will soon learn....

Sisters, I want to be spoiled by any guy I am dating, whether he be married or single, and I sure do spoil him back in return.  You all know my mantra by now, which is, "better not to date an MM at all, but if you are going to, then hell, don't you be the loser, as the other two people driving the relationship are in it to win it!  Get out of it - or, get the MOST out of it - I always say."

I will end by saying that I do so appreciate any and all readers who purchase my book, and who do take the trouble to leave reviews, both good and bad.  They are your opinions and I respect them. 

Wishing you all "Peace and Profits"  
Kisses, Sarah J. x


Saturday, April 12, 2008

There is a Drought!

Ok Sisters, it's official!  There is a drought of decent SINGLE men in London (but lots of naughty married ones!!).  I gave it my best shot at singles - but nearly ended up falling off the "ex-mistress wagon" again...yikes!

Send me your stories.  Have you more success than me, in whichever city you live in..?

Kisses, Sarah J. x

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's raining men?

I write my blog entry today from London, where I am in hot pursuit of decent, SINGLE, straight men!  (Yeah yeah, I know, don't hold your breath!)

Well, since I am here on business anyway, I thought I'd try and throw a bit of pleasure in to the mix too....?  They forecast rain in London tomorrow, but will it bring a light sprinkling of testosterone with it too?  

I'll report back after cocktail hour
Kisses, Sarah J. x

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Evening..

Well, tonight really IS Pillow Talk, as I am writing today's blog, horizontally from my bed here in the UK, where the time is the stroke of midnight - my bed, with the delicious leopard print sheets, and the feathered satin throw cushions, is a joy to behold and is my favorite place to be. I do have this 'thing' about animal prints in general you know, and anyone who knows me, well knows that.  My friends try to outdo each other with the sassiest little leopard print gifts possible...I love them all (the gifts not my friends LOL) especially the underwear!  I once had an MM who even bought me leopard print car mats (it was a shame he didn't buy me the car to go with them too!)

I do feel like a diva here, but why not eh?  After a long day of coaching my mistresses, each with stories of their MM's that make my blood boil, what better way to wind down than in the leopard skin sheets, with a large Gordon's gin and tonic in hand, and my laptop as company (Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out sister).  

This is my idea of bliss, and who needs men anyway?  (yes well ok, it would be nice to have the option) but in the meantime, we have to live our lives and savor each and every moment - whether we have a man or not, and judging by some of the stories I have heard today, we may well be better off without them (at least the bad ones anyway).

So sisters, I urge you too to go and purchase leopard sheets, or even satin ones as I had in L.A. (satin sheets are GREAT in hot weather) and spoil yourself in every way possible...and, look at it this way, if you do get lucky, and bring home a hot (unmarried??) date - then boy will he be in for a pleasant surprise!  That is always the benefit of dating a mistress (or an ex-mistress) as we are sexy women, and we know how to be hot in every possible way, especially in the bedroom.  
(IMAGINE a cougar mistress too - now thats hot!  Let me know if you are one.....Prrrr!)

Kisses and zzzzz
Sarah J.x   

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The MM's motivations..

Thank goodness April is here, and spring is blooming.  The perfect time to flush the wrong men out of our lives, and welcome in the new.  I'm looking hard for a good one in the month of April I can tell you.  I'll keep you posted of any hot dates - and I will try to make them with single guys only :-)

I write today, in reply to a comment I had, from one of my adorable anonymous mistresses, yesterday - wanting to know more about her MM's motivations of trying to keep in touch with her (even after she exposed him to his wife in, very, pointed emails.)  Now, as I always tell you sisters, it is very simple: the MM wants it all his own way for as long as possible. If you bust him to his wife (as this particular mistress did, and as I did with mine too) you have to expect he will stay with his long suffering other half.  It is a given.  However, as I always tell you too, he WILL come back and you do need to be ready with your M.O. when he appears.  

Whether it be by msn, text, a mutual friend, or whatever - when he comes back - after his boring marriage has been patched up for a few months, what will you do?  In my opinion, you at least have to see him for what he is.  He did choose to be with his wife and family, not you, so make a mental note of that and act accordingly.  Whatever he said you meant to him (yawn!) it obviously was not enough for him to make the life changes he promised you.

Only you will know how to exact your next move.  Whether it be revenge or romance - do let me know.....
Stay strong and beautiful, and never let your MM get you down!

Kisses, Sarah J. x