Monday, February 4, 2013

The Valentines Day Survival Kit - For Mistresses AND Wives

Dear Sisters one and all, for the first ever time here on Pillow Talk, I am writing a blog for both Mistresses AND wives, as I believe there is no longer a definition between the two. If you are both involved with the same man, then you are both settling for less than you deserve. You are both sharing half of a man while he is getting the very best out of two women. You are both - literally - sleeping with the enemy and being manipulated by a skilled liar and cheat so that he can have his cake and eat it, having all his needs met. How does that make you feel?

Now, that said, The Day of Love is fast approaching, yes it's Valentine's Day next week. Here in the UK it happens to fall during school Half-Term, so the kids will be at home. This could pose a few pesky problems for some. For example, if you're a wife and a mother you may profess to be, 'too busy with the kids to bother about doing anything with your husband to celebrate Valentines Day!' Well, DON'T be too busy. This is the first rule of my Wife School ( that you should always make time for your husbands, in fact, 'Be Your Husband's Mistress,' make him feel loved and special. If you happen to be the cheating married man then it may be harder than usual to escape this year on the evening of the 13th, what with the kids being home. Hopefully this will make things very awkward for you. And for Mistresses, let this Valentines Day be your WAKE-UP call to get out of this redundant relationship with another woman's husband. If you are a British Mistress let it be an even bigger wake-up call, as since it's falling in Half-Term it will be just like a 7 day weekend for you, when your MM moans about how he has to be at home with the family!! You too deserve better! Way better.....

Signs and tips for Suspicious Wives this Valentines Day:
* He tries desperately to keep to his 'business dinner' on the 13th February
* Moody and distant around the 13th and 14th
* Pre-occupied with his phone and emails around this time
* Check for credit card receipts for an 'extra' bunch of flowers!
* Check for more money coming out of the ATM than normal (secrets are expensive!)
* If he says he is working late at the office on 13th Feb - CALL and check it out.

On a lighter note, if you have no suspicions, enjoy your husband and show him you love him every day. After all, a husband is for life, not just Valentine's Day. For all you Mistresses who will be sitting home alone on the 14th (and this year maybe the 13th too) pining for a cheat, I have one word for you, WHY?????

Sarah J. xo