Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Goddess of Love...

Hey Sisters, how are you.  Before I forget, here is a link to a radio show I did recently in Marbella Spain (sadly it was a phone-in so I didn't actually get to Spain...)

I did one of my first global Mistresses Anonymous chat room sessions last night at 8pm EST.  I hope more of you will join soon.  We had mistresses from Canada and America - was great fun. Although we were all of different age groups and circumstances, we were all saying the same thing.  Never believe a word that comes from a cheating MM's lips!  It felt so good to talk  - I know the other ladies will agree.  To join in the chat room just go to  and, to the right of the TV screen - which is playing footage of my Mistresses Anonymous LA meeting - you will see a place to log into the chat room on the right hand side, and archives of previous conversations.  Use either your real name, or your anonymous mistressing name to log in, whichever makes you most comfortable but at least so I know it's you!!  If I am not in the chat room myself (with the traveling and the time difference it is a challenge sometimes) I encourage you to chat amongst yourselves.  We are the 'Mistresses Club' after all, and I as your leader will be there as much as I can....

That said, I will I have a lot of new news for you in the coming days this week, as I report live on my blog from my trip to Cyprus. Why Cyprus I hear you ask? Well, because, it's the legendary birthplace of  Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love (and my new role model perhaps?). Apparently she rose from the waves in a surge of white foam on the Island's south coast. I'm wondering if I can I do the least for a photo op maybe!!  I'm looking forward to bathing at the 'Baths of Aphrodite' where the goddess of love herself is said to have bathed (well, if it's good enough for her and all that!!)

As research for my second book "From Mistress to Mrs" I thought it important to go back to basics and to where exactly this love chick came from.  While there, I will also be trying to meet some of the local men (just for research of course, as remember, I am planning to be married in 9 months time!!!!) Don't worry, I will make sure they are single, and, I will steer clear of the Island Chefs :-D. But - who knows, maybe I will end up doing a modern day 'Shirley Valentine.' (American sisters do you know who she is? Go google it if not, you will laugh - and I recommend you rent the movie :-)

'Yasso' as we say in Cyprus.  I'm off to pack. 
Sarah J. x

Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg-citing Easter chatroom for Mistresses Anonymous...

Guys I have started hosting the Mistresses Anonymous chatroom. 
Go to and see the chatroom board next to the video of my real life group meetings in LA.  Let me know if any of you are at a loose end this Easter weekend, as I doubt you will be seeing much of your MM, that's for sure.  Let me know some good times for you all too....

'Chat' soon.
Sarah J. your Affair Doctor! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I made it to Number Ten Downing Street...Sort of!

Ok, well, I've heard and done some things in my time, but yesterday I read that because of GR's affair with me, he had been booted out of doing the catering for President Obama's visit to dinner at Number 10 Downing Street last week. Apparently, Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn't think it would be a good idea to have, fellow Scott, Chef Gordon Ramsay there with all the affair rumor scandal still swirling (question: does Mr. Brown think adultery is catching then? A bit like the food poisoning outbreak at Heston's "Fat Duck" Restaurant perhaps?).  Hence he chose the lovely, but safe bet, of Chef Jamie Oliver to cook for his esteemed guests and dignitaries instead. Here is a clip of the article that was printed in yesterday's UK "Mail on Sunday" Newspaper.  

"The word is that Berlin has been shelved. It's a bit like a domino effect for Ramsay – everything keeps going down.

To add insult to injury, Ramsay was originally Gordon Brown's No1 choice to cook for the Obamas at Downing Street last week.  But Jamie Oliver replaced him after the publicity over Ramsay's alleged affair with 'professional mistress' Sarah Symonds. 

'Gordon's reputation has been irrevocably damaged,' adds the source. 'He was in line to cook the meal months ago but after his affair he could not be seen to be cooking for the Obamas." 

Meanwhile, across town here at "Mistress Towers," there is 'nothing going down.'  Ugh, I have to get out there this week and have a few dates.  Only about 9 months left to go til I get married next year, on 21-01-2010, so I need to get my dating skates on!!!  Perhaps the fact that I seemingly saved President Obama from GR's cooking could 'go down in history?' hmmm....

I do love, and laugh, at the way the media refer to me as a "professional mistress" - it's hilarious.   Can I use that moniker on my driving license I wonder?  Seriously though, I'm not bothered by what people say about me because my nearest and dearest are the only thing that really matter to me; they know me and they know the truth (and still they love me anyway!!!!!).  Where I'm concerned it's a case of 'those who matter don't mind' and 'those who mind sure as hell don't matter!'

Peace and Hugs

Sarah J. x

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a weekend......

I'm back safely to the UK, but what a weekend I had!  In the last five days I have survived an emergency landing on the way to New York; the plane's engine cut out and caught fire upon take off, no fun I can tell you!! and even worse, a wasted night spent at an airport hotel in the UK while waiting for the next flight the next day (Hello to 'Reebok Man' if you are reading this, you will know who you are.)  

I finally got to the big apple in one piece though, and I did what I had gone there for - taped an interview with the brilliant Dateline NBC hosted by the gorgeous Hoda Kotb (show to be aired on 8th May). I have also strolled up 5th Avenue, shopped in Saks, and been stopped on the street by a New York Physic to tell me "I had GREAT energy around me" and how badly she "just wanted to be around it for a minute" (I have heard some great lines but that was a good one.)

NBC put me up at the Waldorf Astoria and just guess who was also staying there? The Infidelity Ambassadors of our time, Brad and Angelina. They were seen making out at the bar (childless of course) so don't believe all you read about them arguing and so on.

On the subject of what you read, check out this brilliant article that The Sunday Express Newspaper wrote about me over the weekend.  Yes Sisters, I am now officially the world's only "Infidelity Aunt"  - for my American and global sisters, "Aunt" refers to the term "Agony Aunt," which you would probably know more as "relationship columnist" ( Think "Dear Amy" for example). Although ironically, I think we can all confirm that the word AGONY fits very well into a mistresses life and an affair!!  That said, could I be an "Agony Affair Aunt?" perhaps.. 

On a personal note, I was supposed to squeeze in a NY date with the delicious 'Maximilliano' (yes, that really was his name) whom I met on, but there was just no time for frivolities this trip. There was also no real time to hold a Mistresses Anonymous meeting, due to my messed up flight making me arrive late.  I did coach a few New York mistresses by email and phone though, and sisters, I WILL BE BACK and I will plan a meeting then.

Now, all that said and done and safely back on terra firma, I did something today that I never thought I would do.  I did the ultimate in the "F" word....I joined Facebook, but only for the networking you understand.  Just trying to reach as many sisters of the mistresshood and married couples in distress as I can....

Phew, just rereading my entry today is exhausting even for me, and I lived it all personally.  I think it's time for a lie down LOL.  I would say a stiff drink too, but since I'm on the wagon at the moment, while detoxing and working out etc, then make mine a green tea please :-))

Sarah J. x