Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Goddess of Love...

Hey Sisters, how are you.  Before I forget, here is a link to a radio show I did recently in Marbella Spain (sadly it was a phone-in so I didn't actually get to Spain...)

I did one of my first global Mistresses Anonymous chat room sessions last night at 8pm EST.  I hope more of you will join soon.  We had mistresses from Canada and America - was great fun. Although we were all of different age groups and circumstances, we were all saying the same thing.  Never believe a word that comes from a cheating MM's lips!  It felt so good to talk  - I know the other ladies will agree.  To join in the chat room just go to  and, to the right of the TV screen - which is playing footage of my Mistresses Anonymous LA meeting - you will see a place to log into the chat room on the right hand side, and archives of previous conversations.  Use either your real name, or your anonymous mistressing name to log in, whichever makes you most comfortable but at least so I know it's you!!  If I am not in the chat room myself (with the traveling and the time difference it is a challenge sometimes) I encourage you to chat amongst yourselves.  We are the 'Mistresses Club' after all, and I as your leader will be there as much as I can....

That said, I will I have a lot of new news for you in the coming days this week, as I report live on my blog from my trip to Cyprus. Why Cyprus I hear you ask? Well, because, it's the legendary birthplace of  Aphrodite - the Goddess of Love (and my new role model perhaps?). Apparently she rose from the waves in a surge of white foam on the Island's south coast. I'm wondering if I can I do the least for a photo op maybe!!  I'm looking forward to bathing at the 'Baths of Aphrodite' where the goddess of love herself is said to have bathed (well, if it's good enough for her and all that!!)

As research for my second book "From Mistress to Mrs" I thought it important to go back to basics and to where exactly this love chick came from.  While there, I will also be trying to meet some of the local men (just for research of course, as remember, I am planning to be married in 9 months time!!!!) Don't worry, I will make sure they are single, and, I will steer clear of the Island Chefs :-D. But - who knows, maybe I will end up doing a modern day 'Shirley Valentine.' (American sisters do you know who she is? Go google it if not, you will laugh - and I recommend you rent the movie :-)

'Yasso' as we say in Cyprus.  I'm off to pack. 
Sarah J. x

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