Saturday, May 2, 2009

A POEM of LOVE Sarah J. Symonds

Although Cyprus was a washout love-wise, here is a poem I was inspired to write while visiting the serene birthplace of Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. The setting was an expansive ocean all around me.  A fusion of bright turquoise and indigo waters crashing together against the rocks of where Aphrodite allegedly rose from the waves.  I am sure the words will resonate with many of you:  Enjoy..

Two People, One Step To The Beat...

Two hearts hold no discrimination when pairing

Two souls are reborn through the joy of sharing

Two people from different worlds come together

Two people but one pair of footsteps forever


If a love once deemed lost is now regained

And it’s lovers reasons never named or shamed

If the Lord affords them this second chance

He’s allowing their footsteps to go on and dance


Two people who trust and believe in each other

Can have a bond and commitment beyond many lovers

Maybe this is as good as it gets

Maybe it’s the reason why we met


In this world full of shallow agendas

It’s hard to allow one’s heart to surrender

But what if our soulmate is in front of our eyes?

 What if we’re too busy “looking” to realize


Thank you Lord for showing us the way

And for the luxury of living each brand new day

I pray that you give us the strength and the time

So our footsteps and hearts stay forever entwined



* * * *


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