Saturday, February 23, 2008


For any of you who read the story about me in my local newspaper this weekend, entitled, "Jetset Mistress writes Bestselling Book" - ( - although there was a photo of my parents and I in the article, the story omitted to mention the fact that they had just celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary this week (which has to make you wonder where I came from with my infidelity issues then eh?...)

Congratulations Jean and Mike Symonds - and thanks for putting up with a daughter like me!!

Sarah J. x

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Out in the Open...

Well well well, good ole Tilda Swinton, my hero.  I am sure you have all heard her story in the press recently.  How she is traveling the world with that handsome young hunk of a chunk, and how her husband lets her get on with it as he stays home to mind the kids.  What a wonderful agreement they have all reached - and who are we to judge?

(quite how she was able to bag her hottie is another question though, I mean, did you SEE what she was wearing at the Bafta Awards? hmmm.....)

Sarah J.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOVE day!

Hello my little rose petals.  Before we go any further, let me raise my crystal flute, full of pink champagne, to all my readers in a toast, whomever you may be with today (and even if it is with someone else's parter!! :-)

Due to recently relocating to the UK for a while, in conjunction with my exciting new position of, "Spokeswoman for and now,," I am currently between affairs, so to speak.  But I am interviewing candidates for the role of my new MM, and will let you know how I get on.  You all know my criteria by now, rich, old, and lots of fun!!!

I'm hoping all of you are being loved up today - and if not, why not?  For anyone suffering the acute physical, and or, emotional rejection in their relationship or marriage -  which so many of you write to tell me about - you do know you have options now with the Ashley Madison on line dating service catering to attached people who want to meet other like-minded adults.  You no longer have to be ashamed about having sexual and emotional needs beyond your current relationship.  Who needs that? Life is too damn short as it is...

And, in my experience, having a romantic affair can actually allow a person to have their needs met, while maintaining their otherwise healthy and happy relationship with their partner.

So, until tomorrow, have yourselves a great day - and try to have sex with somebody (even if it is your partner) to mark the occasion.  And ladies, I hope that you will be so 'wined and dined' tonight, that you will be reading tomorrow's installment of the 'pillow talk blog' with a huge hangover (and some nice trinkets of course :-).  

Peace. (hic...)
Sarah J. x

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anti- Valentines Day....

So many of you tell me you are not looking forward to Valentines Day.  You say that, if you are alone, you are depressed because you have no love interest and nobody to "spoil you," and many of you tell me, that although you have a partner, or a married lover, you do not get the attention from him or her that you desire.  I ask you though, what is enough??

I have no worries about Valentines Day, as whether I receive anything or not it doesn't matter to me, as I will be buying myself some roses, and definitely some champagne, to celebrate all I have achieved this year.  I believe that if you are content with what you have, you will always end up having more.  If you always concentrate on what you dont have, you will never ever have enough in life....

(Jon - email me to, if you are still in London?  I'm intrigued...)

"Peace and Profits"
Sarah J. x