Monday, November 10, 2008

Dating or Disaster?

How many of you are out there trying to date 'single men only' now? (PLEASE don't tell me you are still trying to date married ones!!)  How many of you feel like giving up on ever finding 'the one'?  Don't you find it's so hard, and so time consuming?  At least with the MM's we knew what they wanted (sex), and what drove them and stimulated them (sex), and when they would be available to make plans and meet up with us (for sex), but, these single creatures are another kettle of fish all together!  I did write in an earlier blog, that I was 'having fun dating single guys,' well, that was yesterday, as we say in the business, and, this is today!

I even recently tried online dating (yep, I really was sad enough to succumb to it) because as you know, I too am trying to stay on the wagon and date ONLY single men.  Trying to lead by example and all that. However, after a few more dating experiences since the last time I wrote, I am now convinced that all the best men really are married, or gay, or both!!!  

At first glance of an online dating site, there is so much choice it's like being in a candy shop; However, as with candy, if you have too much of it you feel utterly sick.  So, after sorting the online wheat from the chaff, I did meet a few nice chaps (in L.A.) whom I thought at the time had some potential....however, after doing some more D.D. (as I tell you all to do sisters) I realized I had been duped, and that they were misrepresenting themselves on every level (but not - as far as I know anyway - married at least!).  I guess I should have twigged when some of them turned up looking nothing like their photos on their profile...I mean, if they were going to lie about their height (Note: ALWAYS take 2-3 inches off whatever height they say they are) and how they looked (by posting photos of themselves 10 years ago when they actually had hair) then why wouldn't they lie about other stuff too!  

The most annoying thing for me, is wasting time, and I can see that dating single guys can be a colossal waste of time.  Trying to navigate a single man's agenda can be a full time job - who needs that? (With MM's we know their agenda; yep, you got it, sex).  Often with the single ones you can spend weeks getting to know them, only to find they turn out to be liars and waste-of-space-con-men in the end. Ugh! (At least with the MMs we know that up front, LOL)

We'll be coming up to the festive season soon - and 'all it has to offer.' Right now, all it has to offer is a few meals for one, and some emotional numbing chardonnay...(aka a vacation in a bottle - especially at this time of year!).  But, maybe when I've got some party celebrations under my little Gucci belt, things will change.  I like to think I am ever the optimist.

Send me some of your dating stories - whether disastrous or delightful - I'd love to compare notes.  Since I am off men for a while, and certainly won't be trying online dating again anytime soon,  let me live vicariously through you and your stories for a while.  

Sarah J.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok Sisters, I can see that the time has universally come to reclaim ourselves from the pain of dating an MM!!

I have had so many of you write to me to ask me about my renewal coaching services in these past few weeks, and I really want to get it going properly now, and give you the level of support you need.  I am replying to all of your enquiries individually, based on where you are in your situation right now, and more importantly, where you would like to be.

Lets make this the thing of the future.  You know I am the only one to be able to coach you, while feeling your pain at the same time, since as you all know by now, I have been in pretty much all of the situations you are in/or have been in.  

Lets share and heal together.  Don't let the bastards win!!!

Sarah J.