Sunday, April 5, 2009

I made it to Number Ten Downing Street...Sort of!

Ok, well, I've heard and done some things in my time, but yesterday I read that because of GR's affair with me, he had been booted out of doing the catering for President Obama's visit to dinner at Number 10 Downing Street last week. Apparently, Prime Minister Gordon Brown didn't think it would be a good idea to have, fellow Scott, Chef Gordon Ramsay there with all the affair rumor scandal still swirling (question: does Mr. Brown think adultery is catching then? A bit like the food poisoning outbreak at Heston's "Fat Duck" Restaurant perhaps?).  Hence he chose the lovely, but safe bet, of Chef Jamie Oliver to cook for his esteemed guests and dignitaries instead. Here is a clip of the article that was printed in yesterday's UK "Mail on Sunday" Newspaper.  

"The word is that Berlin has been shelved. It's a bit like a domino effect for Ramsay – everything keeps going down.

To add insult to injury, Ramsay was originally Gordon Brown's No1 choice to cook for the Obamas at Downing Street last week.  But Jamie Oliver replaced him after the publicity over Ramsay's alleged affair with 'professional mistress' Sarah Symonds. 

'Gordon's reputation has been irrevocably damaged,' adds the source. 'He was in line to cook the meal months ago but after his affair he could not be seen to be cooking for the Obamas." 

Meanwhile, across town here at "Mistress Towers," there is 'nothing going down.'  Ugh, I have to get out there this week and have a few dates.  Only about 9 months left to go til I get married next year, on 21-01-2010, so I need to get my dating skates on!!!  Perhaps the fact that I seemingly saved President Obama from GR's cooking could 'go down in history?' hmmm....

I do love, and laugh, at the way the media refer to me as a "professional mistress" - it's hilarious.   Can I use that moniker on my driving license I wonder?  Seriously though, I'm not bothered by what people say about me because my nearest and dearest are the only thing that really matter to me; they know me and they know the truth (and still they love me anyway!!!!!).  Where I'm concerned it's a case of 'those who matter don't mind' and 'those who mind sure as hell don't matter!'

Peace and Hugs

Sarah J. x


Anonymous said...

Thanks from a London MM. Your posts are stimulating and insightful. Good luck with the dating scene


sarah J. Symonds said...

Lucy, do you mean you are a 'married mistress?' tell. Thank you for your note and great to here from my British sisters.

Sarah J. x

sarah J. Symonds said...

oops ...I meant 'hear' from my British Sisters. Ugh, late, going to sleep now....SJ x

Millicent said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks first and foremost for your fantastic website and blogs - this topic has me intrigued!! As a single woman in a fulfilling relationship I always wondered why a woman would choose to date a married man.

I can understand why men cheat (it gives them the best of both worlds) but what is the OW getting out of it? What can a married man give her that a single man cannot?