Sunday, April 13, 2008

In It For Love...?

Well sisters of the mistresshood, I wasn't sure what I was going to write today, but I just took a look at the reviews listed by my readers on, and came across a new one written by a lady, who entitled the review, "Initforlove."  She basically has castigated any mistress who expects, or God forbid desires, to be spoiled with nice gifts and good things in life by her MM - further saying that my book pretty much related only to 'other women' who acted like prostitutes... adding that she, like many others, only used married men for sex and good company (err? isn't that just an unpaid prostitute, hmm...)
So now, first of all, let me clear something up here: - I am not (and I quote) "under the impression that women only use men for money and gifts" (unquote).  Any real mistress, especially one who is in the middle of getting her heart broken, or is recovering from intense heartbreak and wasted years of empty promises and lies, will know that while an MM selfishly uses his OW for sex and good times (purely to help the longevity of his stale marriage) the wife, whom he is cheating on, is benefiting from ALL of his new found happiness (which his OW is providing remember) as well as from his financial security in general (that's if you're involved with a wealthy MM of course - and if not, WHY not??).  I hear from my mistresses all the time, how they are "annoyed their MM never helps them in any way, yet shows-off about how he has bought the wife (whom he doesn't love and who doesn't make him happy) that new car, or a trip to the Caribbean...."

So please, do explain why, when the cheating MM is buying his wife those "guilt gifts," taking her on family vacations, and out for nice dinners (just so she doesn't suspect him of anything of course) that he cannot treat his wonderful, caring, and attentive other woman in the same way, if not better? Cos, I'd LOVE to know.... (Note to MM's: We OW don't all just live to give you blow jobs you know!)

I do, however, admire the reader for being so detached, and so cold in her emotions toward her MMs (which is what I tell ALL you mistresses to do - protect your hearts, i.e. NEVER let yourself fall in love with him!!) yet, her title of, "Initforlove" seems to contradict that whole attitude.  The only thing I can assume is that A). she is an extremely wealthy, older woman who enjoys male company but can't find any single ones - if so, then bravo sister - it is certainly better than paying for a gigolo! B). She is a youngster, and is happy being gratuitously used for sex at this stage - to that I would say, keep reading my blog, you will soon learn....

Sisters, I want to be spoiled by any guy I am dating, whether he be married or single, and I sure do spoil him back in return.  You all know my mantra by now, which is, "better not to date an MM at all, but if you are going to, then hell, don't you be the loser, as the other two people driving the relationship are in it to win it!  Get out of it - or, get the MOST out of it - I always say."

I will end by saying that I do so appreciate any and all readers who purchase my book, and who do take the trouble to leave reviews, both good and bad.  They are your opinions and I respect them. 

Wishing you all "Peace and Profits"  
Kisses, Sarah J. x



Cat said...

It is clear that "initforlove" has no idea what she is talking about. If she had ever been involved with a married man, I suppose it didn't last very long. There was obviously not a relationship. Why should a woman make herself, her home, her life available to a MM for years, while he continues to support only his family? Being a mistress of over ten years, I spent at least as much time and effort (actually a lot more) towards his care and comfort as his wife. She is fully supported by him financially...why shouldn't he help support me as well? And if she is "initforlove"...what made her read this book in the first place? It sounds as if she is more worried about what others will think if they find out that she is having an affair with a married man.

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Mistress C,
Thank you for your comment. I absolutely agree with your points of view...(and..ten years sister???? - wow - that's longer than some marriages last!!)

Kisses and hugs
Sarah J. x

Anonymous said...

I was with a friend of mine last night and she said something to me that I thought may come in useful here...We ALL ARE leading lady material, no one deserves to be an understudy.

future ex-mistress (HOPEFULLY)

oh PS, my MM's wife (Saint Monica) got a bacteria infection from not washing her hands after she changes her sons diapers...I LOVE THAT SHE GOT THE POOP DISEASE! thought it'd make you smile!

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Hopefully "soon to be ex" - Damn, I hope your MM washed his hands extremely well before coming to see you, and that it has not spread? This is a good case of "what happens in the marital home, should stay in the marital home," and all that.

What a cad to be seeing you, his mistress, while his new born baby is still in diapers. Nothing new though eh ladies.

Stay strong, and see this for what it is. And, I agree with your friend, we ARE all leading lady material. We just have to make sure we find the right production to commit to, one that deserves us, and will run and run (a bit like what was happening in the diaper!! :-)

Sarah J. x

Cat said...

Ms. Anonymous - For your own sake, I hope you will opt out of your MM's life. Take it from one who has been around since the children of my MM were 3 and 5...(now they are 15 and 17) it is not worth it at all. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have stayed. It's so easy to be sucked in when you think that they love you....but they really just love themselves. After reading Sarah's book, I threw mine out...and have not let him back in since, although he begged and continues to beg. He has not left his wife. It's very hard, to be sure....but I feel so much better about myself. Good Luck to you.


Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Mistress Cat - thank you for your comment, I think that "Hopeful Mistress" really needed to hear that reality!