Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Evening..

Well, tonight really IS Pillow Talk, as I am writing today's blog, horizontally from my bed here in the UK, where the time is the stroke of midnight - my bed, with the delicious leopard print sheets, and the feathered satin throw cushions, is a joy to behold and is my favorite place to be. I do have this 'thing' about animal prints in general you know, and anyone who knows me, well knows that.  My friends try to outdo each other with the sassiest little leopard print gifts possible...I love them all (the gifts not my friends LOL) especially the underwear!  I once had an MM who even bought me leopard print car mats (it was a shame he didn't buy me the car to go with them too!)

I do feel like a diva here, but why not eh?  After a long day of coaching my mistresses, each with stories of their MM's that make my blood boil, what better way to wind down than in the leopard skin sheets, with a large Gordon's gin and tonic in hand, and my laptop as company (Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out sister).  

This is my idea of bliss, and who needs men anyway?  (yes well ok, it would be nice to have the option) but in the meantime, we have to live our lives and savor each and every moment - whether we have a man or not, and judging by some of the stories I have heard today, we may well be better off without them (at least the bad ones anyway).

So sisters, I urge you too to go and purchase leopard sheets, or even satin ones as I had in L.A. (satin sheets are GREAT in hot weather) and spoil yourself in every way possible...and, look at it this way, if you do get lucky, and bring home a hot (unmarried??) date - then boy will he be in for a pleasant surprise!  That is always the benefit of dating a mistress (or an ex-mistress) as we are sexy women, and we know how to be hot in every possible way, especially in the bedroom.  
(IMAGINE a cougar mistress too - now thats hot!  Let me know if you are one.....Prrrr!)

Kisses and zzzzz
Sarah J.x   

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