Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grizzly Endings....

I heard a sad story today, and whatever part of the world you are in, you are bound to have heard it too by now: - the story of the 7ft 'Grizzly' bear, named Rocky, that mauled it's trainer to death in Southern California.  What a tragic, but very real story.

I was lucky enough to be a guest, a few years ago, to the exact site of this tragedy - that of the "Predators in Motion" holding of wild animals - a gated community of wild, essentially man-eating beasts, expertly trained for stunts and movies by the absolutely awesome Randy Miller and his crew. I would liken Randy to a modern day Tarzan, really I would, both in his exquisitely exotic looks, as well as his hardened persona.  They just do not make people like Randy any more, weird and wonderful as he is, he is an amazingly fearless human being, and drop dead gorgeous to boot!  I remember how, during our visit to Randy, his proud father, Alan, had us all sit in front of Randy's big TV screen to watch the scenes of him wrestling with tigers in the movie "Gladiator," when he acted as Russell Crowe's stunt body double.  Us women gathered were in awe of him.  I for one was besotted, and as we sat on his simple porch, eating the wonderful feast he had cooked for us, I had to wonder how he could be so brave and seemingly so gentle too.

All that said, a human life was lost today, taken by an animal who we humans may try to placate, but can never own.  It's instincts obviously kicked in, and who knows why.  But as the saying goes, live by the sword, die by the sword.  

I alerted my friend, who had taken me to Randy Millers compound for that BBQ, 6 years ago this June, about the tragedy, and he summed it up in his own spiritual way: He said, "Sarah, I now it's sad, but that was his own choice on how to live his life, and his father would know one day how he would die.  He would be happy in his life, because he made his choice."

I ask you all to relate to those wise words.
Sarah J. x

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