Friday, February 6, 2009

Greetings from Sweden!

Hello from Sweden, where it is snowing.  I'm here to do TV talk show.  Did you know that Stockholm has the largest population of single people of any capital city in the world? So, I am looking for husband material here, but so far no luck.  Thank you all for your messages of support on my quest to find my Mr. Right.  It is bloody hard though as I am sure many of you know.  Not hard in that I am still attracted to the marrieds, as I am not.  I have been able to quit my addiction to the bad boys and MM's and Mr. Ramsay was my last married man thank you very much.  But just hard to find someone that you can connect with and have chemistry with, who is halfway decent looking, and doesn't need a truck for his amount of baggage, sigh!  Anyhow, I'll keep on trucking on my road to romance, and have no fear, I will be married by this time next year.

Sarah J.


Anonymous said...

I feel you completely! Oh my, oh my, I am in a bit deep now. I spent the day with my MM and as a young vivacious SUW, I am going out tonight on the town.
However, I am so preoccupied with thoughts about the relationship I fear it will colour any prospects with single men tonight. This affair is relatively new, but I already am starting to develop feelings of jealousy towards the wife, who actually called him while I was with him!
How can I stop myself from this self-destructive cycle? The supposed material benefits are starting to feel a bit inadequate. Deep V would have a comment I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah.

Just wanted to say Hi & wish you well on your endeavours! I hope you find someone exciting, but without the baggage (or wife!)

I am thinking about "phasing out" my EM (Engaged Man) It's just fun, On both parts, I promised myself I wouldn't let feelings become involved. I've never wanted him to leave her (I wouldn't want him full time - How could I trust him?)& he has always been honest with me ... We both knew the score from the begining, but guess what? I'm starting to get jealous... not of her... but other workmates that he seems to have fun around or enjoy the company of...
I know I have no right to feel this way so I think it's time to assess the situation :)

Anyway... take care & have a fun weekend.

Miss V.


The Mistress said...

Hi Sarah---its The Mistress here again. It's funny that you mention married men and bad boys in the same post, because my MM is a true bad boy. That's probably why I can't quite let go yet........good luck in your search for a great single guy!

PS---come on down to Florida--its warm here!