Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dating Intervention...

Sisters, I'm still hearing from so many of you who are still with your married man,  still complaining that he won't leave his wife and how much pain that it's causing you, yet - you are still staying?  Come on girls, use me as an example to look at what you are doing (or rather, not doing) with your life. Don't accept a mediocre life by being second best in a relationship!  I know I couldn't do it again, not now I have been set free mentally by making the commitment to find a single guy and real love.

Use me as an example and as your inspiration to move on.  As you know, after my affair with Gordon hit the media I felt so bad that I had fallen off the wagon, again, and I decided to try and change my life from then on.  I am transforming and trying to self-improve myself every day.  The transition is empowering and exhausting at the same time. I can't wait til I meet Mr. Right though, and I will know immediately as I have been waiting for him all my life!

It seems there are some decent single guys out there you know, and I'm finding it so much fun to actually date a guy without having to 'worry what time he has to be home!!'  I'm totally not used to it. This week I have met a Cancer Doctor and a Vampire (If only I could roll them both into one, LOL) so watch this it's gonna happen :-)

On another note, check out this story that was in the Fabulous Magazine last Sunday.  Fabulous is the Sunday Magazine of the News of the World Newspaper and it really IS fabulous.  Here is a mistress who is happy dating her married men, and since you know that I like to keep it real and even handed on my blog, I have to share this story with you too. It looks like she is in charge of her emotions and is living the life she wants to.  Thats all I recommend to anyone.  Live the life that suits your soul. I wasn't anymore, which is exactly why I had to go straight.  You will see my cheating tips at the end of the article too.  

Send me your dating stories sisters of the mistresshood, and GET OUT there and look for a single man!!!  You will wonder what took you so long.  I know I did!
Good luck
Sarah J. 


Anonymous said...

My MM just called me and told me that he wants this to stop b/c of his kids; he's worried that if his wife were to find out and leave him and he wasn't able to see his kids anymore he'd die. This is all after the past couple of months where we've admitted feelings and have been saying 'i love you.' To be honest I didnt see this coming and I'm totally devastated.

Anonymous said...

After speaking to the MM that told me he wanted to stop wanted me to phone him tonught while he was at work and we chatted for a couple of hours like we normally do; like notihng had changed. He then said that his feelings for me havent changed but he feeke like hes getting in over his head b/c of his feelings for me. So how do i address this with him? Do I tell him that i love him, do i stop talking to him? do i let him know how i feel??

sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Mistress who is not taking my good advice..
HIS actions are screaming the truth. What more do you need? He is never going to leave his wife he has told you. You ready to live as second best for the rest of your life? Move on baby - this man is just wasting your time, your life and your emotions...
Sarah J.

Sílvia said...

Hello dear Sarah!!!!!!!!
I am the ex-mistress from Brazil and I have to say that every week I read your excellent blog!! you are completely right and helping us! your blog is still helping me a lot because after I finished the relationship I sometimes think about him...(I hate when this happens!!!) so I start to read and re-read your comments and
testimonials and you can`t imagine how it helps me!!! I fell every day a lot better!!!
I Know that We will find a nice husband and I pray for me and for you (I don`t have a religion but I believe in God) !! you have a sister here in Brazil that admire you!
thank you very much!!
My best wishes!!
Kisses and hugs!!
God bless you! We deserve the best!!

Anonymous said...

My MM told me last Friday that he wanted to just be friends because he couldn't give me the relationshiop that I wanted. I have not heard a word from him. This is really hard for me because for the past 3 months we talked two to three times a day and we would see each other 3 to 4 times out of the week. How can he just turn it off? I thought he really cared about me.

Tony said...

I think that you are an incredibly lovely lady. It pleases me that you clearly have a better idea of what a man is supposed to be in a womans life after learning what you have. I can only think that any man would feel lucky to even as much as momentarily hold your hand while sitting near you on a sofa at a party.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Anonymous Mistress.

Get this, my MM who said he needed to 'stop' still phones me (we live 3 hrs away from each other) and emails, like nothing has happened. I'm the silly one for picking up the phone and responding to emails. However, I'm sure once I figure it out, and you will too...You are not easily forgotten. Give him time to miss you and he'll come back. Read Sarah's book and decide that when he comes back, will you play into his games again? Hopefully not!

Anonymous said...

What to do???
I've been dating my MM for almost 2 years. Yes - I do love him. We were apart for 6 mos +. Got back together and he promises that he wld leave his wife. He saw a lawyer and is going thru marriage consuling (for judge purposes). 2 mos of togetherness he tells me he is "wavering". What to do????

sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Mistress with wavering MM - first of all - wake up!!! I can tell you that there has been no visit to the lawyer, and if there was, it certainly was not about how to go about leaving his wife. Marriage counseling? Are you having a laugh? Are you really sticking around while he goes to sessions on how to make things work with his wife, and part of the homework being to go home and have sex and work on their intimate side together?

Please, do yourself a favor and see this man for who he is. His actions are screaming the truth and he has already told you he can't be with you (which means he doesn't love you enough to want to be with you and give up all the good stuff he has at home.) Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you need to know these things.

Good luck
Sarah J,