Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Valentine's Day Blog!

Valentine's Day is upon us, and you'll know not to expect any of the romantic drivel here that most other writers churn out. That's not because I don't believe in romance no, quite the opposite, I do. To love and be loved in a healthy honest relationship where two people have no agendas and are the best of friends and lovers is awesome. As human beings we all desire that. Sadly, many women - when they don't find or experience that - feel they have to settle, or choose a relationship with the wrong/toxic man just through fear of being alone. I know that firsthand. So, thats what this blog is about. The power of NOT settling, and the joy of being single to mingle.

This brings me nicely to Mistresses, and my Sisters of the Mistresshood, because Valentines Day is the second to third worse day in any Mistresses calendar (after Christmas Day and New Years Eve) as it's another day of reckoning. Another day which is - for most women - a happy and special occasion, but one which is Hell for the 'Other Woman in love.' She just wants it to all be over pronto, since she won't be with the man in her life and has to stomach that another woman will be with him (i.e. his wife). She'll also be sick-to-death of all the commercialized hype geared towards men and women in normal relationships. I hope this year will be a wake-up to many women to finally stop making excuses for the man who ISN'T there!

So then Sisters, lets empower ourselves here (and this would be powerful for my single sisters too). This Valentines Day make it a celebration of YOU. All about YOU. How much you love yourself and who you are. You are fabulous remember. The more you love yourself, the less you will let a man control you and manipulate you. And, to have a future healthy relationship with a decent guy you need to re-wire your brain for love, otherwise all you will do is repeat the same romantic script, but with a series of different players. In this case married men!

So this Valentines Day buy yourself a gift, have a hot bath with your favorite champagne, and even send yourself flowers if you want. Why? Because you're worth it. Know your WORTH. Happiness really does come from within, not from another person.

For any of you suffering through being the Mistress this Val's Day (even though I dispense the Tough Love you all know I'm compassionate to your plight) I'll be holding a special Valentines Day Mistresses Anonymous on-line meeting on the day. Stay tuned for timings. I'd think you will all be around, as we all know that the 13th is Valentines Day for Mistresses, and the 14th is home-alone-time. Go to my website to join in the meeting, and if you really want my one-on-one help and happen to live in Vancouver or Toronto, write to me about being on my new empowerment TV show. It could be the making of YOU!

Peace and rose petals
Sarah J. xo

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