Monday, January 30, 2012

The Mistress Weekly.

Hello Sisters of the Mistresshood.

Wow what news to share. So, I have just got back from being on the road in Canada, literally on tour with my "Mistresses Anonymous" Meetings (MA). I've said it before, but I'll say it again, who KNEW there were so many cheating men in Canada, i.e., that there were so many mistresses. I met wonderful women though. Good women, who have just made some bad decisions. As i did.

I held MA workshops in Vancouver and Toronto, but heard from 'Other Women' far wider than just those two cities. Incredible. I also heard from so many Mistresses who have children by their MMs. WOW. Thats deep. All this led me to thinking...since there is a magazine for everything else out there, why not Mistresses? I mean, there is "The Lady," "Divorce Weekly," and many many marriage and bridal magazines, why on earth not a "Mistresses Digest," or an "Infidelity Monthly?" I mean, it seems everybody is at it. Could infidelity be the new monogamous?

In other news, I just want to say how much I applaud every woman who wrote to me, whether she came to an MA meeting or not, at least you took the first step of the MA 13-step programme, aka, - step #1 -Admit you have a problem! My new show, The Mistress, will be a success because of the wonderful women who come forward. Women who have decided they have had enough of living in the shadows, and women who finally have woken up to the fact that they ARE just helping their man's marriage survive, as he is NOT unhappily married at all (if he was, he would leave) he just wants to have his cake and eat it ("Type 2" for all those who follow this blog!).

I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders when I found my voice after so many years. I see this in the women I am meeting and talking to too. For any Canadian Sisters of the Mistresshood interested in liberating themselves by being on my show (we premier in Canada later this year) go to or just email me at I guarantee you 5 days of life-changing-empowerment, lots of fun, and a few good #13s of course!! :-)

Stay strong you all. Remove the veil of secrecy, and come out shining like the bright light you are.
Peace and hugs
Sarah J xo

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Anonymous said...

Just coming out of the veil of dirty little secret. Mistress NO more. Thanks and Help!!!!!!!!