Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Year, a New YOU!

The new year is soon upon us. I hope that if you HAVE spent this Christmas as a Mistress, you'll be finally starting to wake up and smell the coffee, and hopefully be asking yourself, "Surely this can't be ALL I want from life!!" I am hearing great things from many of you who have been attending my online Mistresses Anonymous meetings, or reading my book, and I hope more of you will feel that it is time to stop being a martyr to what you 'thought was love.' I'm one of the few women in the world willing to speak out, as I understand firsthand why women stay so long, and accept so little. Accept such crumbs of a relationship. I know all about that self-sacrificial tolerance. It’s one thing to be patient and stoic, and another to be stupid. And I was stupid for well over a decade.

Since escaping the golden handcuffs of the mistress world, the burden of my intense unhappiness has been somewhat lifted. But it took a long time. Don't leave it that long Sisters. Make 2012 YOUR year. This is your life. Don't let someone else edit it as they see fit, and certainly not a cheating married man who will never be leaving his wife for you. Mind you, why would you even want him to?? A cheat will cheat on you remember.

Come to an online New Years Eve and New Years Day Mistresses Anonymous meeting. I will be posting the times on Facebook, so if we are not already friends there, then look me up. And go to to learn more, as well as log in to attend the online MA meeting.

Happy New You, and peace to all womenkind
Sarah J xo

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