Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Day online "Mistresses Anonymous Meeting"

Dear Sisters of the Mistresshood

My traditional Mistresses Anonymous meeting will be held tomorrow as follows..

11am-noon (UK time) and then 7pm-8.30pm UK time (which will be 11am-12.30pm PST, and 2-3.30pm EST.)

I hope this works, due to all the time zones etc, but we'll make it happen. So, pull up a chair, grab a glass of #13 (white wine, ala 'Step 13 of the MA Programme' being that you 'deserve one.'') and go to and click on the "MA online meetings" icon, choose a nickname (or use your real name, whatever you prefer) and its as simple as that.

I will be chairing the MA meetings tomorrow from the times mentioned above, but you are all free to stay there and chat before and after I have gone remember. Its your chatroom. Your support group.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow
Sarah J xo

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Anonymous said...

Hi All
I am checking this site out in hopes of helping a friend who is struggeling really hard to stay sober with alcoholism. She is miserable in her 5yr relationship with a mm and then turns to the booze not only to kill the pain, but because she is alcoholic. Is this meeting only for people who can take a drink, if so my friend is going to die without some sober support.Please understand that I am not against people who drink, but if you are open to helping all people, how can you do that if one of the first advices is " get yourself a glass of wine" ? Addictions can and do run concurent, and she is in really bad a sad shape. I hope my friend is not the only mistress with the drink problem. Can anyone relate?