Thursday, July 18, 2013

The REAL reason Liam Gallagher cheated on Nicole Appleton

Well well well, so we learn this week that Liam Gallagher has been sewing his rock-seeds outside of his marriage to Nicole Appleton, but hey, this is no shocker for anyone with a pulse. Now I am NOT blaming his wife (although how come she never took his surname??) for his adulterous ways, as you CANNOT control a man when he chooses to cheat, but, I am blaming Nicole for being the type of 'put up and shut up' wife that becomes the perfect- willing-victim to be cheated upon. Nicole did her initial 'rock-monster' training with no other than the complex and confused Robbie Williams. He, and his many addictions and neuroses, will have started to erode her self-esteem to the core, so that by the time an even bigger egotistical rock-monster (not star, you notice) like Liam Gallagher came along, she was ripe for the picking.

She had a career that was just about good enough to make her interesting to him, yet was failing badly enough to know he would be able to manipulate her into the woman he needed her to be - i.e. his fixer, enabler, and all-out-Mother-figure. That's what men like him - with addictions that deep - will turn you into. That poor woman became so used to taking a back seat, being stoic, and giving her husband 'the space he needed' that she has without question lost her own sense of identity. At Wife School, this is a woman we would refer to as a Mousewife. Liam knew that she would make the perfect Mousewife, and that is why he married her. Simple. End of. He knew she would make perfect wife material and be his 'constant' yet ask no questions of him, thus allowing him to continue to carry out his cheating ways, as he had always done, and no doubt was always planning to do in the future.

I have heard it said that Nicole is boring to the point of dull. I do not know her, nor if it is true, however, if it is, then those two never should have married in the first place. She will never be enough for him, and he will look for his thrills elsewhere, men like him always do. And, I am beyond sure that Liam has a VERY LOW boredom threshold. I wish that Nicole could have seen his past behaviour as a predictor of the future (he already has other kids from various flings) but she didn't, and she fell for the hype he fed her.

I am hoping she will not continue to be a Mousewife any longer, that she will show him the door and close it FIRMLY behind him. As for the woman who has decided to make a living out of giving birth to his shagchild. Don't even get me going on HER. Some women get jobs, some women get pregnant. Shocking I say.

Sarah J. xox

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Open Letter to Nigella Lawson.

Dear Nigella
As Founder of Wife School, and as a 'Toxic Love Counsellor,' I have to write to you to offer you strength and support at this time. We have all seen the front page headlines today from your (hopefully soon to be ex) husband, and all I can say is what a pig he is, and what a coward. Nigella, I pray that you see this man for what he is. His actions are despicable. Not enough to physically abuse you in public, now he wants to verbally humiliate you too by 'saying he is divorcing you!' And, the CHEEK of him to expect you to 'stand up for his good name and character???!!' by defending his actions, and being 'oh-so-offended' that you didn't? My word. I've heard some things in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. Talk about a Narcissist personified!!

Nigella, I am beyond sure that you have tried your best to make this marriage work, as well as juggling your very successful career and bringing up your children too, and all while - in the early years - getting over the sad passing of your first husband John Diamond. They say that it takes 17 attacks on a woman before she leaves an abusive relationship. None of us know if there were more than this instance, but I am confident in thinking a control-freak like him will have made similar physical threats to you before. So I pray now that this is the time YOU walk away. It has been muted that you had an addiction to him, to this toxic love, and I know ALL about that, but you have to get past that now Nigella, and get on to a healthier path, without "MR. TOXIC himself" standing in your way. He will of course try to play his mind games on you, and play on your vulnerabilities now, and he will even try to use the headlines in the Mail on Sunday to win you back, but please stay strong and don't let him.

The Sisterhood are rooting for you all over the world. Please, don't go back to this life Nigella. This man is just a pig in smart shoes, as well as a bully, and now, as the world can see, a coward too.

Godbless, and wishing you strength to stand your ground,
Sarah xox

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hooray for (Mrs.) Hollywood

I just had to write this open letter to you Alexandra, to commend you on behalf of women everywhere. You have made the Sisterhood proud. You have acted with grace and dignity, in the face of what is a very public humiliation, thanks to your lousy cheating husband's antics.

Alexandra, at Wife School, I teach wives NOT to be a doormat to their husbands, or rather, not to be a 'Mousewife' as we call it at Wife School. You have proven that there's nothing Mousewife about you!! I can't imagine what made Paul do this, and how easily he was won over by Tinsletown, the TV world and Marcela, but I always say that losing a man is like a promotion. He wasn't good enough for you anyway and there is definitely something better around the corner! He's acted like a typical man, I mean, he didn't have to look far did he. His co-host? Oh please! He may only be a Baker - not a Chef - but my God it sure seems he carries the Chef-cheating-gene which I know so well.

I love that you're not just rolling over and taking this Alexandra, that you are filing for divorce and NOT taking him back. SO many wives, "Put Up and Shut Up," which is ridiculous as if you forgive a cheat he will do it again. That's guaranteed and proven to be true. I am positive this fling with his co-host won't last, and I bet he will be back to you with his tail (and other parts) between his legs before you know it. I'm hoping you will still stand your ground and tell him to 'bake off'!! He will try to win you back Alexandra, oh how he'll try, they always do. The chase will be his game. Especially when he can see how empowered, confident, and funny you have become without him. However, if you do end up divorcing him, I do urge that you never give up that brilliant surname. "Mrs. Hollywood" is priceless, and down the line it will act as a great reminder of a man who didn't realise which side his bread was buttered!

Stay strong, and stand your ground,