Sunday, July 7, 2013

Open Letter to Nigella Lawson.

Dear Nigella
As Founder of Wife School, and as a 'Toxic Love Counsellor,' I have to write to you to offer you strength and support at this time. We have all seen the front page headlines today from your (hopefully soon to be ex) husband, and all I can say is what a pig he is, and what a coward. Nigella, I pray that you see this man for what he is. His actions are despicable. Not enough to physically abuse you in public, now he wants to verbally humiliate you too by 'saying he is divorcing you!' And, the CHEEK of him to expect you to 'stand up for his good name and character???!!' by defending his actions, and being 'oh-so-offended' that you didn't? My word. I've heard some things in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. Talk about a Narcissist personified!!

Nigella, I am beyond sure that you have tried your best to make this marriage work, as well as juggling your very successful career and bringing up your children too, and all while - in the early years - getting over the sad passing of your first husband John Diamond. They say that it takes 17 attacks on a woman before she leaves an abusive relationship. None of us know if there were more than this instance, but I am confident in thinking a control-freak like him will have made similar physical threats to you before. So I pray now that this is the time YOU walk away. It has been muted that you had an addiction to him, to this toxic love, and I know ALL about that, but you have to get past that now Nigella, and get on to a healthier path, without "MR. TOXIC himself" standing in your way. He will of course try to play his mind games on you, and play on your vulnerabilities now, and he will even try to use the headlines in the Mail on Sunday to win you back, but please stay strong and don't let him.

The Sisterhood are rooting for you all over the world. Please, don't go back to this life Nigella. This man is just a pig in smart shoes, as well as a bully, and now, as the world can see, a coward too.

Godbless, and wishing you strength to stand your ground,
Sarah xox


S. Bailey said...

Stay strong!!!

TheMillionSuns said...

I know this sounds ridiculous as I am 16 yrs old girl BUT I really do adore you and the way you defend yourself. After all that shit you lead us women (and some men) to the right direction and help us understand what is wrong and what's right.
Lots of love! <3
Lotta xx