Friday, July 5, 2013

Hooray for (Mrs.) Hollywood

I just had to write this open letter to you Alexandra, to commend you on behalf of women everywhere. You have made the Sisterhood proud. You have acted with grace and dignity, in the face of what is a very public humiliation, thanks to your lousy cheating husband's antics.

Alexandra, at Wife School, I teach wives NOT to be a doormat to their husbands, or rather, not to be a 'Mousewife' as we call it at Wife School. You have proven that there's nothing Mousewife about you!! I can't imagine what made Paul do this, and how easily he was won over by Tinsletown, the TV world and Marcela, but I always say that losing a man is like a promotion. He wasn't good enough for you anyway and there is definitely something better around the corner! He's acted like a typical man, I mean, he didn't have to look far did he. His co-host? Oh please! He may only be a Baker - not a Chef - but my God it sure seems he carries the Chef-cheating-gene which I know so well.

I love that you're not just rolling over and taking this Alexandra, that you are filing for divorce and NOT taking him back. SO many wives, "Put Up and Shut Up," which is ridiculous as if you forgive a cheat he will do it again. That's guaranteed and proven to be true. I am positive this fling with his co-host won't last, and I bet he will be back to you with his tail (and other parts) between his legs before you know it. I'm hoping you will still stand your ground and tell him to 'bake off'!! He will try to win you back Alexandra, oh how he'll try, they always do. The chase will be his game. Especially when he can see how empowered, confident, and funny you have become without him. However, if you do end up divorcing him, I do urge that you never give up that brilliant surname. "Mrs. Hollywood" is priceless, and down the line it will act as a great reminder of a man who didn't realise which side his bread was buttered!

Stay strong, and stand your ground,

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