Thursday, July 18, 2013

The REAL reason Liam Gallagher cheated on Nicole Appleton

Well well well, so we learn this week that Liam Gallagher has been sewing his rock-seeds outside of his marriage to Nicole Appleton, but hey, this is no shocker for anyone with a pulse. Now I am NOT blaming his wife (although how come she never took his surname??) for his adulterous ways, as you CANNOT control a man when he chooses to cheat, but, I am blaming Nicole for being the type of 'put up and shut up' wife that becomes the perfect- willing-victim to be cheated upon. Nicole did her initial 'rock-monster' training with no other than the complex and confused Robbie Williams. He, and his many addictions and neuroses, will have started to erode her self-esteem to the core, so that by the time an even bigger egotistical rock-monster (not star, you notice) like Liam Gallagher came along, she was ripe for the picking.

She had a career that was just about good enough to make her interesting to him, yet was failing badly enough to know he would be able to manipulate her into the woman he needed her to be - i.e. his fixer, enabler, and all-out-Mother-figure. That's what men like him - with addictions that deep - will turn you into. That poor woman became so used to taking a back seat, being stoic, and giving her husband 'the space he needed' that she has without question lost her own sense of identity. At Wife School, this is a woman we would refer to as a Mousewife. Liam knew that she would make the perfect Mousewife, and that is why he married her. Simple. End of. He knew she would make perfect wife material and be his 'constant' yet ask no questions of him, thus allowing him to continue to carry out his cheating ways, as he had always done, and no doubt was always planning to do in the future.

I have heard it said that Nicole is boring to the point of dull. I do not know her, nor if it is true, however, if it is, then those two never should have married in the first place. She will never be enough for him, and he will look for his thrills elsewhere, men like him always do. And, I am beyond sure that Liam has a VERY LOW boredom threshold. I wish that Nicole could have seen his past behaviour as a predictor of the future (he already has other kids from various flings) but she didn't, and she fell for the hype he fed her.

I am hoping she will not continue to be a Mousewife any longer, that she will show him the door and close it FIRMLY behind him. As for the woman who has decided to make a living out of giving birth to his shagchild. Don't even get me going on HER. Some women get jobs, some women get pregnant. Shocking I say.

Sarah J. xox

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Chantal M. Roy said...

I also suspect he has self-confidence issues and is in need of validation. After all, he is no more than an afterthought on the rock scene, these days, in North America, at least.