Monday, May 26, 2014

The REAL Reason Katie Price's Husband Cheated On Her!

Another day, and another Katie Price-related story. One almost wonders if the three parties involved in this alleged affair are not in cahoots. Perhaps some bizarre cheating pact in order to keep their names in the media. If that was the plan then mission accomplished.

But let's just assume for a minute that Kieran Hayler really DID cheat on Katie Price, not many of us could blame him. I for one have a great deal of sympathy for the guy. It must be really hard to live in Katie's World after all.
The poor guy probably felt like a piece of meat being passed around for this photo, and that photo. Being talked about in her column, and not to mention being constantly compared to all of her exes and ex husbands. NO man wants that. It knocks their ego and makes them feel unwanted and cheap. So what to they do? They go off and have an affair with someone of more simple tastes, someone who 'understands them.' Someone who makes them feel like a man again. And since most people stray with those around them, because they are familiar and safe, it was no shock to see he started sleeping with her best friend. I am not saying this is right - not for a New York minute - all I'm saying is that it was no shock. But then, if I could see it why couldn't Katie?? Was her own massive ego blocking her immediate vision?

The answer is she didn't want to. Remember, this is a woman who professed not to know she was SIX months pregnant. So since biology obviously isn't her forte, there's no surprise why they were able to pull the wool over her eyes with their affair. Cheats love an easy target like that. Kieran and Jane must have thought they had it made, and since it went on for so long - and so often, allegedly - it seems they did.

I urge women like Katie not to become baby-making-machines for the sake of trying to keep a man. This will be the 5th child with the 3rd man that has betrayed her, not to mention the other ones in-between. She famously wrote in her column that her and Kieran never used contraception. What a terrible role model for any woman!! Let's hope he at least used some with his Mistress Jane.

I believe the best way ahead for them is to part. A 25 year-old male stripper enjoying a seven-month affair, shows that he doesn't want to be a husband, let alone a responsible parent and step-parent to five kids. It's not rocket science, and any woman who tries to force a man into purgatory like this will be deluding themselves, as well as be disappointed. That, or simply be prepared that he will have an affair for the rest of his married life. And if that's the case, then don't go calling the other woman a home-wrecker, because as a wife you need to take some responsibility too!

As your Infidelity Analyst, take it from me, I know what I'm talking about. Stay faithful out there folks!
Sarah xox

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InstantkarmaNow said...

Katie Price on the brink- career finished- public bored with her- looking desperate- fame is her only reason to live- children look like a means to that end on occasions -wealthy-but emotionally bankrupt