Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Legs 11; Ryan Giggs - a cheater in Football Boots.

Dear all

As the World's foremost Infidelity Analyst, it's time for me to weigh-in on the Ryan Giggs situation - or of the current situation so far!

Let me start off with the fact that there are three categories of men who cheat; I call them "Types 1, 2, and 3." Ryan Giggs definitely falls into the Type 1 bracket. Type 1 is the "Serial Philanderer." However good his life - and his marriage - the serial cheat will always need numerous women on the side to help fulfill and boost his huge inflated ego and his sense of entitlement. Most married, male, celebrity cheats fall into the Type 1 bracket. Tiger Woods was a classic Type 1 cheater too. These are men surrounded by too much money and too many temptations. They are never satisfied with 'just one' of anything. I mean, imagine a Footballer (a Manchester United one especially) having just one car, one holiday, or one tattoo?! Never. So why are we then shocked that one woman is never enough for them. I truly believe it is in the premiership footballer's DNA to cheat, and some would say their wives and girlfriends (aka WAGS) know this and expect it to take place. We can safely say that they are rarely disappointed - and with the most respected man in football having cheated, this is prime example. It also seems the rule of thumb is that WAGS always stay with their cheating husbands. I guess in their world there is nothing that a new Range Rover, or a "make up trip" to Dubai won't sort out.

The case of Ryan Gigg's affair is a little more shocking than most though. The fact that he was cheating with Imogen Thomas is one thing (and also rumour of another woman/women too) but to also be cheating with his sister-in-law?? Wow, that just breaks every rule in the book. This not only damages his marriage but also his whole family too. Not to mention the "family image" he worked so hard and to create. What a fake! But let me just put on record the amount of pathological behaviour, and duplicitous tactical skills it takes to carry out such a lie for EIGHT years. If only his skills had been as good on the pitch he might have been able to score for us against Barcelona a few weeks ago.

We now know Giggs is a pig in football boots - especially since today's rumour that he even tried it on with his Mother-in-Law too, what a charmer eh! - and we know that Imogen Thomas will have the "typical mistress story" to tell, but the woman I would love to hear from is his wife, Stacey Giggs. I'd LOVE to know why she is staying, just how she forgives a cheat at this level, as well as ask her if she 'really did NOT have a clue??'

Watch this space.
Peace and hugs all
Sarah J x


phil B said...


This is no way a criticism but I have to ask this question. Your current media profile is mostly based on your affair with Gordon R. So your success is partly down to a married mans cheating behaviour. How do you square the two? Would you prefer to have not had the affair and be much less well known or had the affair with a resulting higher media profile. I have no right to judge either way but I just wonder if you had your time again which path you would have chosen?

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Phil
Thank you for such a great question. Yes Ramsay may the celebrity hook name that is used, by myself and those in the media, but apart from that my success is now down to lots of hard work on myself, and on helping masses of women around the world. Whether they be mistresses who I help get OUT of their affairs with married men and celebs, or wives who I help know the signs of a cheating husband, what to do if he is, or how to move on from it too. It's a big job I have on my hands :-)

Phil B said...

Thank you Sarah,

I do not doubt that what you NOW do is very valuable to people across the world. No question. I have not had an affair (ryan beat me to all those offers!) but would you do the same thing again or not? Perhaps it is impossible to say as if I were you I would say it is not as black and white as "have the affair or not" as emotions, the power of GR can mess things up. So, my opinion of you is going up all the time. Next question if I may: imagine I am a man about to embark on an affair for reasons I would reveal..would you help a person in that situation. Phil. PS You were great on the Big Questions...pity AC interupted everybody every time!

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Hi Phil
Thanks for your nice comments. I am not here to be liked, just to try to make a difference and stir peoples minds to 'live in the truth' - so the fact you like me is a bonus ha ha. Ok so to answer your question, the truth is that NO NO NO I would not do the same thing again. I was a fool for many many years, believing in lies, and false promises of futures, with all the wrong wrong men. However, I cannot change the past, I can only try to live a better future, and there is NO WAY I would ever be involved with a married man again, which I think is common knowledge now, and since the GR incident, there have been none, nor ever will be. The thought of being with a married man now gives me acid reflex to be honest.

To go to your second question Phil, I am afraid it is against my ethics to help anyone have an affair, so the answer is no. What I would do though is help you work through the issues that are driving you (allegedly) to the thought of wanting one/about to have one, and get to the root of WHAT is missing in your life and relationship to have to look outside.

Hope that makes sense and yes I hear you regards AC, he stole the oxygen in the whole room that day!! Glad you enjoyed the show though, and that I held my side up :-) Sx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

Love your blog- as a recovering other woman, I find your posts both helpful and entertaining.

I was curious though- you described the Type 1 cheater... what are Types 2 and 3?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, like the last person to comment, I am also an other-woman-in-recovery. It's a lonely place to be, but it's also an ill wind that doesn't blow some good....for instance, finding myself in the depths of despair, and losing all sense of rationality, I found there was only once place left to go: Up! I can thoroughly recommend writing everything down and letting it all hang out, so to speak. It doesn't matter if what you've written is unstructured, or lacks any real sense to anyone else; but what you will feel is relieved - little by little, day by day, getting it all out really does help.

A concerned friend of mine gave me some books to read when I was very depressed; one of them way by an author called Dorothy Parker. DP was a woman who had several affairs which led her to the brink of alcoholism....But she was a great writer, and many of her stories and poems not only resonate with me, but they are also full of wit and wisdom, and tinged with sadness in places. Every woman should own a Dorothy Parker Collection.

At the risk of making this post too long, I'd like to end by sharing a quote from Dorothy Parker which led me to where I am today:

"The best revenge is to write well"

Today, I am a successful writer and happier than I've ever been in my life! Thankfully I've never even considered dating a married man again, and nor would I. But it did teach me a lot about myself, and the experience played a part in discovering the writer in me. If I'd never had the affair I would still be stuck in a boring 9-5 office job....For that reason, and touching slightly on the point that "Phil" made to you, I don't regret my affair at all--I've embraced it as part of a massive learning curve, and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. As you stated to Phil yourself, you had to do a lot of work on yourself to get to where you are today - I can relate to that, as I've had to do exactly the same.

Much love and respect for what you are doing...Shame we don't see you on the TV here in Britain--I believe you have a "voice" Sarah, but we're just too uptight this side of the pond!!

Lynne xxx

PS Looking forward to discovering Types 2 and 3....

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Anonymous Sistah, and Dear Lynne,
Thank you for your lovely honest comments about yourselves and your experiences. And yes both, I shall be posting types 2 and 3 later today. I am sure you will both be able to resonate, nod your head, and look skywards as you read and digest them :-)

Lynne, what sort of writer are you? Have we spoken before? Also, if you are here in the UK, how were you able to catch the latest Dr. Phil show I was on? As it only aired in the US and Canada last month.

Anyhow. Let me know... if you'd rather email me about your writing genre, please do so at, and thank you for your kind comments about my work. You are right though, it sure is hard to 'have such a voice' in the UK!!!!!

Sarah x