Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 13 Steps of the Mistresses Anonymous Program.

The 13 Steps and traditions of the Mistresses Anonymous Program.

1. You admit you have a problem - That your life is out of control due to living as a mistress in despair of her affair.
2. Fully commit to reclaiming your life from this skid row of relationships, from this toxic love & from the toxic married man.
3. Set goals to stop all communication with your MM (married man) and throw away everything that reminds you of him.
4. Make a list of all the things you have given up to be with your MM during the affair
5. Make inventory of all the lies he has told you and the empty promises he has made to you
6. Make a list of all the family and friends you have lied to and come clean to them
7. Attend MA meetings and find a sponsor to keep you strong
8. Actively monitor your goals. Empower yourself. Work hard to regain your personal power, self-respect and self-esteem.
9. Practice being single. Go on a date a week with a single guy
10. Fully commit to NEVER allowing yourself to being second best again!
11. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and wallowing in misery
12. Actively follow the 12 steps and share the MA message with others
13. Enjoy a nice cold glass of #13 (aka Chardonnay) you deserve it.


Anonymous said...

so very glad i found this is going to help me a lot...after 2 years and 7 months my affair with MM is over. Nothing like being "replaced", MM is 40 and tells me he has found a 22 year old "that really did my head in" and is now in the process of leaving his wife and children.

sarah J. Symonds said...

Wow - I PITY the 22 year old he is leaving both you and his wife for. He will cheat again as we now. Thankfully it won't be on you now sistah. Remember if they can do it with you, they can do it to you. I know it's a cliche but it is so so true. It's a fact. Shame you wasted over 2.5 years with your MM, but at least now you are FREEEEEE x

jassie said...

Thanks Sarah...this is jassie.

mcfeeleg said...

Hello Jassie, I am new to this blog, I emailed Sarah a few weeks ago, I knew it was a disasterous idead to get involved with a MM but as i said to sarah, i heard numerous empty promises and empty words which i took to heart. luckily, things only lasted 10 months. The 22 year old girl is to be pitied as sarah said above because that too is just doomed to failure but she doesn't know what she is getting herself involved in. Perhaps we will see her on this blog when the affair ends and she joins the sisterhood!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and to be honest I LOVE IT! it's fab.
I met a MM who saw me from the get go and played his cards with me. Well in the the end I chose not to go there out of respect for all concerned. I knew he was unhappy and wanted something to quicken his spirits, as to did I. But I knew in the long term that this would only bring tears, hate frustration and more lies. I'm so glad I didn't go there. Now he's after some other poor girl. It hurts me, but I realize I was just lonely. So I'm gonna follow your advice and go on some hot dates with some hot FREE n SM-single men.x

gillian said...

that sounds like the best plan. sarah is a great agony aunty in these matters. we have all, on this forum, been there and need to keep eachother strong! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the 13 steps!

Step 1 - admit that you have a problem! I HAD a problem, but he's gone, and I am FREE!!