Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vancouver IS the Infidelity Capital of the World.

Well well well....I have only been here in Vancouver for a week, but I can certainly tell you that this city is a HOT BED of infidelity. I have been inundated with Sisters of the Mistresshood writing to me and coming to my Mistresses Anonymous meetings. With two MA meetings done, and two still to go in Downtown Vancouver tonight and tomorrow, we can certainly say that the Infidelity Analyst is being kept very busy. Who would have known that in Vancouver it's not a case of Sex and the City, but more like Infidelity and the City!!

I'm off to meet tons more sisters of the mistresshood at my MA meeting in a few hours. Lots are showing up tonight because they are free to, since typically - the life of a Mistress - means you are always available and alone on Saturday nights! Update you all soon.
Keep the faith
Canadian cuddles
Sarah xox

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