Monday, May 2, 2011

Greetings from Vancouver...

Sisters of Vancouver, hello!!!
I hope you will all tune in to "The Dr. Phil Show" tomorrow and Wednesday, broadcast here on CTV channel, where you will see some of our very brave sisters of the mistresshood telling their stories. I'd love to hear from any of you, both in Canada and America, who would like to be a part of other TV show's I am doing, as well as let me know if you are interested in me coming to your city and State to rescue YOU from living the life of "A Mistress!"

Write to me in confidence and I will reply personally.
Keep the faith
Sarah x


Anonymous said...

I watched you on Dr. Phil and you are very nice and attractive...enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

I felt drawn to look you up online after seeing you on Dr. Phil. Thanks for being brutally honest about your heart being broken from having an affair.

After seeing you and the other mistresses on Dr. Phil's Show last week, I finally felt a lot of peace with a recent decision I made. Now, I am very happy and look forward to a better future.

I am currently working as a consultant for a company for almost a year. This past January, my director, who is very attractive but very married man, came onto me. I have had married men come onto me before in other companies I have worked at but this time, I was very tempted to have an affair. He was very flagrant in flirting with me, so much so that other women in the office figured out (which caused some talk). I am a single, 39 very close to 40 year old woman and it was the hardest thing to say no and walk away. Luckily, I look 10 years younger so he had no idea that I was 2 years older than him! I was in total turmoil for 2 months, struggling but I had enough self esteem and confidence to know that I deserved better. I was subtle in my approach in calling him out on his marital status and letting him know that I was not a convenient, cheap piece of ass for him to use. I left his office with my head held high but still sad, wishing all the same that I would find someone like him and who is AVAILABLE. Thanks for letting me know that I did the right thing. I know that if he really wanted me, he would need to make a decision to file for divorce, that is if he is really miserable enough to divorce.

Please continue with your work and prevent other women from getting their hearts broken. At least, he knows I have integrity and self respect for myself.