Friday, July 30, 2010

Mistresses on BBC1

The third season of the show Mistresses starts here on BBC1 next week. Sadly, I find it boring and thoroughly depressing, as it is so not true to life at all. But, with purported viewing audiences of 9m per episode, it just shows the amount of interest and intrigue in this topic. If only we could have a reality show about Mistresses. Now that would be worth watching. True life is always better than fiction...

Have a nice weekend you all.
Sarah J x


EY Chat said...

I think the idea of a reality show in regards to this topic would be great and very entertaining to say the least! I started a new blog of my own due to exposing an attny that lead me down this about an eye-opener! Thanks for your inspiration! Cheers!

Lorna B said...

I just remembered that a married guy suggested that we have an affair! Had forgotten that. I declined and ignored him from then on, and even changed my mobile number. We had been friends through work and he'd given me a sob story about how he and his wife weren't sleeping together anymore (the usual line!), and he did have anxiety problems. Anyway, next thing, I heard she was pregnant! He said it was just a once-off thing, sleeping with her. It was laughable. I'm so glad there was never any physical contact between us and that I resisted. I did find him attractive but no way was I going there. I used to like him as a friend but in the end found him creepy. I'd confided in him as a friend some details about my relationship with my ex (probably not wise) and I think he thought he could prey on my obvious vulnerability and maybe use me as well. Well he was mistaken, big-time. Men eh.