Monday, July 5, 2010

Al, Mel, and Tiger... What Great 'Men' LOL!

Well well well. Lots to talk about right now! Let's look at Al Gore first, and his little case of the "inconvenient truth" coming out! First of all, lets just get one thing straight, and that is, what man doesn't want a happy ending after a massage...and, if his name wasn't Al Gore, nobody would be at all interested in this story. However, all men should learn from this, as if you are the type to request "extra services," then you'd better tip her well, or expect a backlash from it all in the future.

What I would like to know is how Al, who was supposed to be busy saving the world for us, could afford the TIME to have a THREE AND A HALF hour massage?? And, moreover, did he put it on expenses? Hello?? Something is definitely not right here. I mean, I know there is not a lot to do in Portland Oregon (I know that first hand after going there many times with Mr. X, aka Ian Todd, when he was with Nike) but still.... Al? What WERE you thinking. The transcript of the alleged incident written from the woman's side is a little weird...and I think extremely fabrictaed. But, we all know there is no smoke without fire. And it seems there was definitely some global warming going on in Al Gore's pants department!! Not being a fan of Al it is such fun to watch him squirm through the details of all this! At least it took the heat off Larry David's Mrs, who had supposed to have been having an affair with Al for the past two years....

Mel Gibson. What a lovely fellow he is eh! Could one say that he has some anger issues and demons per chance? As the infidelity analyst, let me look at the bigger picture to this story. Just how BAD their relationship was for her to think of taping him in the first place(although, I was told that taping someone in CA without their consent is against the law, but still, needs must I guess!) First mistake was to bring another Gibson child into the world. Why oh why? Obviously planned by the Russian mistress, as between that kid and the one she has with ex James Bond star Timothy Dalton, she $hould be set for life. Bet Mel loved that, walking right into a new relationship that was just like the marriage he had left. Full of responsibility and child rearing. Fun Fun Fun. And, he doesn't even drink anymore...wonder how he coped. Oh well. At least we can add racist to the list of other qualities Mel Gibson has.

As for Elin Woods, she must be pleased as punch to get such a massive payout of $750million. Is that the price of humilitaion these days? Hmmm... Mind you, she will also be reeling that her silence has been bought, as just think how much she would like to spill the real beans on that pig Tiger Woods. Her book would have flown off the shelves. Hopefully if she is smart she will find a way around it. There always is one. A ghostwriter is a good start. After all, he may have bought HER silence, but he hasn't bought the silence of THE person she tells the whole story to, off the record of course :-).

Peace out

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Anonymous said...

Sarah: please don't diss on Portland OR, my hometown! OK - it's not London (my adopted home) but it's becoming a beacon for Bohemian types and has a great eating and music scene for a city of its size. And how many other places are an hour's drive from the beach OR the mountains???