Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Open letter to Rachel Uchitel

As founder of the Mistresses Anonymous Society, a 12-step program to help women wake up and "dump that married man," I have to write this open letter regards fellow sister of the mistress-hood Rachel Uchitel. I was disgusted by her interview last week on TMZ. (Here is the link incase you can stomach it

"Dear Rachel
As founder of the Mistresses Anonymous Society - which I pioneered to help women get OUT of their toxic relationships with married man - I was appalled to see your self-righteous attitude while giving a TV interview last week. Sitting there in your low cut dress, you smugly epitomized absolutely everything bad about the "other woman" that I have worked so hard to eradicate. As you languished there with your deep (fake) suntan, white teeth, off the shoulder number, and acrylic nails, it was clear to see where Tiger's money is being well spent, and that's fine, but sadly you represented the stereotypical "hot-to-trot-whore look" that people always want to label the other woman with. So well done. Good job. You just made life a whole lot harder for the rest of us, and you played right into everybody's hands. Namely the media.

Having been extremely vocal about my own affairs (and there is STILL much more to come) I do get that you want to voice your side of the story, truly I do, but when will you start assuming some responsibility yourself eh Rachel? When will you start to accept the part you played in all this too? Yes I am sure these men told you many lies, and while we know that nobody FORCED any of them to sleep with you, it was their choice, trust me love, however hot you may think you look, if you had said no, they would have surely found someone else to sleep with. Married men who want to cheat always find a way.

I have far more respect for Tiger's other women than you. At least they seem to own their own truth. They know who they are, like we all should, and are not afraid to say it. I hope if I ever see you on TV again, you will have adopted a more caring and contrite attitude. If you need some help with that, come to one of my Mistresses Anonymous meetings. A tip though, come in disguise, as you're not very popular right now. Not even with your fraternity!"

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Fat Guy Ranting said...

Hi Sarah,

I just realised that we went to school together, a fact I was unaware of during the recent Ramsay media bean feast. Good to see you’re doing well. I’m ploughing my own curious path in the world of publishing at the moment, writing books and producing documentaries from my base in Cornwall.

Here’s me:

Just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and let you know that I just ordered the book, I look forward to reading it.


Bruce Barnard