Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiger's balls, the gift that keeps on giving!


Just when it couldn't get any more nauseating, we read that Tiger's 'other women' count hit the grand total of 15 this week! Since he only admitted to three, it will be interesting to see him deal with all these others.

I am getting bored with the whole Tiger story now, like many of you must be too. For me, the shock and awe factor has gone, and now it's more the gross factor. Gross because of the blatantly false and deceptive life he was living. Did he REALLY think he would never be caught? I mean, come ON!!! I wonder how much more humiliation Elin can take. She must hate the sight of him right now, as do many many other people I am sure! She was literally sleeping with the enemy, as poor Sister Sandra was.

As for The Masters next month, I think they ought to rename it, "The Masturbators," to make Tiger feel at home. I mean, especially since he is not allowed to have any other women on the side right now, it must be very stressful for him. *rolls eyes*

Keep the faith you all, and hope to see many of you in MA.
Sarah J.


Laura said...

Hi Sarah!!
I wanted to comment because I watched you on "The Joy Behar Show" that aired last night. UGH!!! If those women would've just let you TALK!! I, for one, was very interested in what you had to say but the cacophony of ignorance by the others on the panel made my ears bleed! I was especially happy to hear you (at least attempt) to bring up the tattoos. I love tattoos & have one of my own. However, let's try to remain honest about it.

I'm all for women getting together & speaking their mind ... I really am. I do get very frustrated by the fact that they ALWAYS TALK AT ONCE! I love The View but I find myself wanting to take my shoes off & throw them at the tv! Thank goodness I really like my tv & don't want to break it!

I thoroughly enjoy you & plan to read your books. I had heard of you before but didn't know this blog existed. Now that I do, I'll be happy to read it on a regular basis. It was lovely to see you on Joy's show & I hope to see you out a little more. I hope that in the future people won't be so judgmental towards you & maybe they'll listen to what you have to say. God forbid they actually learn something.
Take care.

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Hi Laura,
I really appreciate your comment, thank you!! I agree about the talking at once. It drives me mad too, and yes, the View are the biggest culprits. It just enforces what men think of us too, that all we do is scream and shout. One doe not have to shout to get their point across.

In the end I just talked over them and hoped for the best. If ONLY Janice DICKinson came with a volume control eh!

As for the tattoos, yes, what I meant was that anyone who has covered their whole body in tattoos has a form of an addiction. It is just a fact, and a tattooed person will tell you that, and have told me in the past (Note to Laura, I do LOVE a tattoo on on a guy, but thats another story ;-). So I am not saying ALL men with tattoos will cheat - but - as with Jesse James, if they DO, there is a large propensity that they will do so with more than one woman, since they are already extremists and harbor an addictive personality.
It's just so simple to me.

As for Janice DICKinson's tattooed boyfriend (whoever he IS? Am I supposed to know of him?) I am sure he would never cheat on her. I mean, why would anyone cheat on Janice eh? She is soooo gorgeous. *rolls eyes sarcastically*

Thanks again for writing Laura.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I saw you on Larry King Friday night. I was the other "man" in an affair. We finally were caught and he left the marriage. What I have dealt with is "mistrust" of not only her, but myself. If she did it with me, she will probably do it to me, and I could cheat on her as well. What I am learning the painful way is that any and all forms of cheating and deception in no way produce character traits needed to have a healthy monogamous relationship. I have had to look in the mirror and realize how selfish I have been and really I just wanted my own way, and she did as well. Like you said on Larry King, but in reference to the MM, the woman I was with had the best of both worlds. She was playing the two of us.
With that being said, I am the one to blame for my behavior. At some point, I, along with anyone cheating or committing adultery, much look in the mirror and take responsibility for his or her behavior. I was doing something that leve me heartbroken if a woman I cared about did the same thing to me. The ability to trust is destroyed and in the end, the experience is a very self-centered, selfish act with no thoughts of anyone but oneself. I was a selfish pig and was only seeking to have my needs met, physically and emotinally. At the time, I could have cared less about her husband or her children. I submit to you, anyone in an affair is that way. You cannot discount or overlook the selfishness of the act of adultery by both parties. It is one of the most deceptive and destructive behaviors that is literally tearing the heart out of our families. Sadly, I am recovering from being the asshole I was and am desiring to be an honorable and integrous person, void of deception. What is most painful, the greatest form of deception is "self-deception" and one must address the fact that he/she is deceiving himself/herself more than anyone. One can never have a whole heart living in deception of any kind, and without a whole heart, one can neve have a true realtionship. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Anonymous said...

Adultery stories in the news are so great because it gives Americans the ability to engage in their real favorite sport; finger pointing.

And while we're doing that we secretly admire Tiger for having fifteen mistresses. He's rich and influential, and women are attracted to wealth and power. So, duh.

People should get off their high horse and realize that Tiger is not really sorry. Most moral indignation is thinly veiled jealousy and this is no exception.

That said, Tiger shouldn't have gotten married; it would have been better off had he just played around from the start.