Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This week's current affairs.

Well what a week for infidelity, and, it's not over yet! First we have the Tiger Woods show! I mean, Tiger's balls are the gift that just KEEPS on giving. In fact, it is getting so hilarious that it ought to be a Broadway Musical soon. Another porn star has come out to say that she was polishing his putter, and, over the course of more than two years at that!

Expect to hear much more from her, a hottie called Devon James, as she spills the beans on what really happened, and good for her. I mean, at the end of the day, the deed is done, so why protect him? The world should know what an a$$hole and a liar Tiger really is (doesn't make him a bad person mind you, but lets at least live in the truth.) Did he think he was going to just waltz back into the game of golf like nothing had happened? Trying to 'make amends' (LOL) as well as fake, insincere, speeches along the way?!

I read in the New York Daily News that Tiger told Devon that his wife 'didn't much feel like sex.' Maybe he should have added, 'WITH him!' Perhaps she was worried she might catch something. And remember, there are always two sides to every story, and in an affair there are THREE sides.

Jesse James has been proven a prize pig, especially with the latest news that he settled a sexual harassment case, with one of his former employees 3 years ago, for $700,000!! You don't pay that kind of money if you aint guilty eh! And, Sandra Sister, what WERE you thinking when you got hitched to him? Ugh!!

Now to the best story of the week, the wife who sued the mistress for $9m. LMAO at that one. Even the husband had to concede that his marriage did not break-up because of his mistress! What it has done though, is given me the idea that mistresses should consider suing the wayward husband (and the wife, if she is guilty of pushing the husband away!) I mean, so many wonderful women get duped by married men (some who pretend they are actually single or at least separated) and then lose everything, financially, mentally and emotionally, all through being involved with these lying, cheating, egotistical con-men! Now there's a case if ever I heard one. Excuse me, I'm off to call Gloria Allred!

To be continued...
Sarah J x

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Anonymous said...

My husband cheated on me. He made the marriage miserable, maybe hoping that I would leave him (and he would look innocent when he married the OW). I was not a bad wife, just too intelligent (except for not knowing about the affair) and outgoing. I trusted him 100% because he was supposedly moral. Turns out I didn't know him at all. My problem now is that he gave me an STD. What a fool for not using protection! How self centered!