Monday, March 1, 2010

Tana Ramsay is crowned "Mum of the Year"

I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate Mrs. Ramsay on becoming 'Mum of the Year' for Tesco. I guess thats her grocery bill taken care of for a while. Hopefully Tesco is her preferred range, as it will be a little off-centre if she is a Sainsburys or Asda shopper.

Truly though, I think it is utterly commendable to be able to achieve such a lofty status while battling the story of my affair with her husband, as well as the others who have come out since. All this while famously following him around the world, sticking faithfully by his side *translation: glued to his side to make sure he doesn't cheat, again.*

Not only spending so much time away from the kids while traveling with him, she also managed to fit in a grueling training schedule of learning to skate for the show, "Dancing on Ice," (as well as fitting into those grueling outfits too) all of which must have taken her away from home for long periods of time I am sure.

This just goes to show that today's modern mother does not have to be chained to the kitchen sink, nor always be present on the constant school run, as I guess when you are married to a philandering wealthy husband you have people to do that for you. So again congratulations to Mrs. Ramsay, as you sure don't get much help from that husband of yours, and, you have just made many mothers out there feel less inadequate when they don't get to spend as much time with their children as they would like, many times being due to juggling more than one job just to survive and pay the bills.

Will there ever be a crowning of 'Mistress of the Year,' I wonder? Thankfully I would now be out of the running for that title if there was, but I know a few women who would like to be considered, although I'm sure they'd like a little sexier brand than Tesco to be honest! Watch this space....

Sarah J. x

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