Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mistress of Times Square!

Well well well. Revenge definitely is a dish best served cold, or, in this case, a billboard 'erected' in chilly Times Square, New York. I personally have just one word for it. Genius!!

Any and all of my sisters of the mistress-hood will know exactly what drove our "Sister YaVaughnie" to do this, and most of us are applauding her for it in droves. If we'd had the resources we may also have resorted to similar action. Man, I would have been all over Manhatten!!!! In fact, this has got my juices going, and I'm currently looking for a sponsor to help me put up a billboard in Times Square too; it would say, "Come on Gordon, be a man and own up to your shortcomings. Admit to our affair of 7 years!!"
(For the record, he too referred to me as his soul mate. Oh the irony. *rolls eyes*).

This incident should warn all MMs out there that unless they keep their mistress happy, things like this will be all too common, as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and, you can triple that if it's a mistress scorned!

Sister YaVaughnie, if you are reading this, please come join us at an MA meeting soon. You are our hero right now and have been the talk of my Mistresses Anonymous meetings all weekend. Your story just highlights the level of hurt many women suffer at the hands of a deceitful married man, and the level of revenge it can lead them to ultimately wanting to exact.

Unless one has ever been in the husband-mistress-wife triangle they can never ever know how toxic it really is, and therefore should not be so quick to judge. For those ignorant enough to want to, we know you will anyway. My last thought on this topic is, I'll bet these ads were sponsored by a Republican :-)

Sarah J. x

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Anonymous said...

So, so true Sarah! Nothing like a mistress scorned. YaVaghnie is very bold, and I applaud her. If only I had the nerve to do something like this...and Sarah, GR will never have the cojones to "man up" to his deeds. Can we say "chicken" without laughing? "Soul mate"? indeed.