Sunday, January 25, 2009

Severe Man Shortage UK 2 LA

Sisters... I am trying to find the single man of my dreams, but there is a severe shortage of decent single men, as we already know!!!  I've kissed a lot of frogs so far, but at least I have not fallen off the wagon, yet.  Stay tuned.  

Keep the faith
sarah J. x


Anonymous said...

I have read with interest all your blogs and find myself wondering how women can maintain a "relationship" with a MM for years at a time. I have been involved my MM for not even 3 months & it has been heaven and hell all in one. Most of all I should know better because this MM were involved some 15 years ago in the years that he was with & engaged to his first wife (he is now with wife no.2). Why is it so easy to fall into the trap yet so hard to set yourself free?

Anonymous said...

Come to Canada!! A lot of great, single UNMARRIED men here!!

Anonymous said...

From MIT

No I don't plan on telling my lovely boy about the indiscretion, he chose not to show up when we were meant to go on our first real date upon my returning to Canada, which is why I went back to the EM. And yes, I know he's a bastard, but the lapse in judgement seemed worth it at the time.
I'm giving up on both of them and starting fresh by not moving on to anyone but me, so I started writing a script, I'm working out more, and I'm reading books I've put off reading. Its only been a month of this, but I feel better already.

<3 MIT

Anonymous said...

I am responding to the mistress who has been involved with her MM for 3 months. I so agree with you about being in heaven and hell at the same time. I wish I knew why it is so hard to set the MM free. I think it's easy when I dont hear from my MM for a few days or so, then I get it in my head I'm done with you. Then he contacts me and says he's been super busy or whatever..Drives me insane. Oh and if you have any answers to this dilemma, greatly appreciated...My MM recently (2 wks ago) said "i love you" and the first time we said it we were not intimate at all and has said it a few times since then. I said it back....stupid I is the hard part, he's been kinda distant the past couple days and I've said 'miss you' or anything in an email i get, same too, then on the phone i get 'love you' or if we're in person he says 'love you' Do I say smthg about his distant attitude lately or just not mention it? How to I stop my feelings and not fall in love with him? we've been together for 7 years.

From a mistress currently in hell.

sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Mistress in Hell,
7 YEARS!!!! Strike one sister! Listen, you cannot get uptight about his behavior as he is NOT your boyfriend and never will be. Since he has a very busy life with another woman - which you will have helped along over the past 7 years - you have to expect him to be distant etc - as he is - he is busy being a husband to someone. The only way you can get out of this hell is to tell yourself that you deserve more (even if it does mean being alone for a while.) When you truly believe that then the next steps of pulling away from him will be easy and empowering, trust me on this, I know!!

sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear MIT,
SO proud of you. Try to keep up the good work my love. You sound a wonderful young woman and I would hate for you to end up as I did, wasting SOOO much time and energy over b***stards of married men! Please keep me posted MIT, I love following your news. You kind of remind me of me when I was your age.
Hugs, Sarah J. x

Anonymous said...

To Mistress in Hell,

I really wish I had the "key" to letting myself out of this situation. 7 years is a very long time, I endured 4 years on and off as a MIT and on our first time around and that was long enough. I think Sarah is right, it is all about realising you deserve more, unfortunately though it is the first baby steps that are the hardest. Letting him go the first time was hard, and for some reason I thought doing it a second time would be easy, turns out I was very wrong. I just think we are lucky there is a blog like this for us girls to share our stories, it helps ease the pain when you can talk about it openly.

Anonymous said...


I guess my question for you is HOW do you start to let HIM go? Or how do you not let yourself fall in 'love?' How do I respond when he says, 'love you,' or when he tells me it makes him upset to think about me dating other people?

Any advice greatly appreciated,
Mistress in Hell

Anonymous said...

Mistress in Hell,

It can be very hard to not let yourself fall in love with him as I am sure on some level that is what they want in order to keep having their needs met. The more you resist the more they will "chase". The process of letting go is hard, and I'm sure takes time. Speaking from my own experience, it has only been since my "reunion" with my MM (we have be conducting this affair long distance for the last 3 months and only just saw each other for the first time last weekend) that I have realised that as much as I would love to continue what we started and as wonderful as it was to be with him again (I did not expect us to be able to pick up where we left off after not seeing each other in 14 years) that to maintain my own sanity (and dignity) it is best to remember the good times and try to let him go. All I can say is, allow yourself some time, let yourself feel every emotion, shed the tears and then maybe just maybe you will be able to begin the process of letting go. I am not going to tell you it is easy, I am only in the early stages myself and I am sure there are going to be lapses but I am going to give it my best shot. I hope this has been of some help.