Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year New Leaf

Happy New Year!!  I'd love to hear some of your Christmas and New Year's stories - were they horrors or hotties?  I received so many traumatic tearful emails in my mailbag from many of you suffering the acute pain and despair that goes hand in hand with being the other woman during the festive season.  I hope that with my stern advice, and the empowering comments from other mistresses on this blog, you were able to end some of your affairs and look for available love.  

Ironically, I am also getting a lot of emails from wives now, asking what are the signs to look for if their husband is cheating, but more importantly, how they can try and alleviate him straying in the first place.  My mantra is that prevention is definitely better than cure, so as you can imagine, I have been pretty busy.

As for MY New year's resolution, it is to definitely go straight from now on. Watch this space to hear more about my latest foray into the world of 'single dating...'

Keep the faith
Sarah J x


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Symonds. I saw you on TV on "The Big Question" today and I thought you certainly have got balls of steel. I thought you were very courageous appearing on the show and defending yourself. Well done. Best of luck in all you do. x

Anonymous said...

From: Mistress in Training

Sarah, I fell off the wagon at Christmas. I went home to Canada for the holidays after spending 5 months in London. I was stood up by my so called "lovely Canadian boy" and decided to go for the old tried and true backup, the EM (he's still just engaged).
It went well, as it always does, and this time...we went to his house, in his bed. He had to do a once over the house to make sure there was no hint that a brunette had been there (the fiancee is a blonde).
Anyway, thought I'd let you know that you weren't the only one to fall off the wagon. Go for it with the younger guy!!!

Mistress in Training.

sarah J. Symonds said...

Dearest MIT - see my comment to you under my latest blog, but, out of interest, are you going to tell 'lovely Canadian boy' about your little misdemeanor?? Try not to fall off the wagon again sweetie, it will only end in tears....