Monday, January 19, 2009

From Mistress to Wife?

Ok sisters, well, as you (and most of the world) publicly knows that I fell of the wagon last year for the final time, I have decided that I am only ever dating single men in the future (I REALLY DO MEAN IT THIS TIME). In fact, as part of my new life and new start, I have decided to go on a worldwide tour to find my own husband before I am 40 years old (and, considering I am 39 in two days time, I really have to get my skates on!!)

Having kicked off my challenge this weekend, I write to you now 'on location' where I am having a glorious date with a wonderful 26 year old - who has no baggage - (i.e. no wives, ex-wives, kids or step kids yahoo) at a secret beach hideaway on the East Coast.  Young is the way to go go go.  Will this be my first date? or my last date?

More later, must trot as the young chap needs me...
Send me your thoughts on the age gap
Sarah J.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sarah! Very exciting for you! Are you really done with MM's for good? I made a promise to myself today after my MM said 'i love you'and wanted to get my initial tattooed on his wrist i am going to be done with my MM. He can make a permanent commitment that way but not leave his wife for me??? And today,,,he's all goofy and weird and joking? What's up with that? You are truly an inspiration to all women! I just read your book over the Xmas holidays, cover to cover (loved it!) and whenever I feel crappy or hurt all i do is look at the cover and i feel instantly better! L

Patty said...

All I can say is "go for it"! And if you find any other cute young men that are single, send them my way. Good luck and keep us posted!


sarah J. Symonds said...

Sisters, thank you for your lovely comments of support. Mistress L - good for you for waking up to his antics - what a plonker of a man to think he can tattoo someone else's initial on himself. And, how on earth would he explain that to the wife? Although depending on where he planned to pen it, perhaps she'd never see it? Move on to better things sister, and yes I do plan to quit MM's now. I am on mission to find Mr. Right this year and quit the Mr. wrongs.

To 'The Mistress' thanks for your good wishes. Sadly though, my young chap was just 'too young,' and therefore he is not 'the one' but hey, all good practice!! Perhaps I should start up a dating agency eh? for ex-mistresses looking for good (young, cute) single guys :-)

To 'MIT' (Mistress in Training) thank you for your comment too. I really hope you can stay away from your EM though. Any MM who takes you home to his bed that his (soon to be) wife sleeps in really is the biggest bastard in the world. You have to know that?

Keep the faith and keep on writing to me :-)
Sarah J.

Anonymous said...

Live your life to the full, Sarah. That one may not have been right for you but you're on your way. Wishing you the best!