Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, this is an unusual and sad blog for me to have to write today.  I heard today from a fellow Mistress in London (Mistress B, for all of you who have read my book) and also read it in the Uk press, that an ex MM of mine (actually, 'ours') has passed away.  He was a lot older than me (just for the record) but we did have some fun times together, and he had a very big heart.  Since I reference him (anonymously of course) in my book, I had to document his passing as a way of closure on my part, and I really hope he is with the Angels now. RIP my love (and PS, I know you would have got a kick out of this blog in your honor!!)


Anonymous said...

I often wonder if I will get the same news someday and how will I feel? Very sad, I'm sure.

But, on a high note, I am now "Scott free" for 4 months and doing fine.

There is another life out there for me...and you dear sister!


Mama Cat

Anonymous said...

Mama Cat, I had the same thought. My other thought was since my MM is not a public figure like Sarahs's, how would you find out?

Anonymous said...

Mama Cat,

How did you get to be MM free? Was it hard? Were you in love?

Mistress in Hell

Anonymous said...

I had to leave the city. I was in love, very much, for 11 years. Finally realized, with Sarah's help, that I could be in that hell forever, if I didn't get out. I read her book,and got out. Don't get me wrong...it was not easy. But I feel much better about myself now...nobody is lying to me...I'm in control of my own life. I don't miss hime anymore. It's been since October and I'm fine...better than fine.

You can do it!

Mama Cat

sarah J. Symonds said...

Hello Gorgeous Mama Cat...how are you?
I am so pleased and proud to hear you are still 'Scott free.' I hope that there may be someone new who deserves you on the horizon? I have been trying on line dating AGAIN and boy, do I have some material! I will be getting married before I am 40. Just haven't found the guy yet :-)

Keep the faith and keep blogging - and, fellow sisters of the mistresshood, you really all ought to listen to Mama Cat's comments you know. She wasted TEN years with an MM who fed her all the lines we all know. But, we all can break they spell, if we really want to. Mama Cat and I are good examples of ex-mistresses who 'wanted to!'

Sarah J x