Monday, December 3, 2007

"Surviving Christmas as a Mistress!"

Hey Sisters

Are you an SUW?  If so, how are you coping with the festive season so far?  I would love to know...

Email me your stories to if you would like any advice on how to get through this difficult month of December, especially for any woman who is, currently, living her life as the "other woman," at this time of year!
Trust me, ladies,  it isn't going to get any better if you are waiting around for a married lover's phone calls to you, between hanging his christmas decorations, and planning his festive activities with his wife, you could be waiting for some time!

Demand more out of life ladies, please.  Get the MOST out of life!
kisses, Sarah J. x

1 comment:

jondin1 said...

Hi Sarah, I'm in London for a few days and I saw you on Channel Five News. Would you like to meet up for a drink one evening?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Jon (Not married)