Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lost in Transition!

Only 6 days into December, and I am already getting a lot of emails from "recovering other women!" (i.e. - those who do want to kick the habit of loving a married man).

I'm not surprised, as this is a really hard time of year for some.  This is a time of reflection, on all we have done, or not done, this year so far, and it is the main family occasion in the social calendar.  Therefore, the festive season can be very lonely for those singletons sitting at home alone. Especially if you are agonizing over what your current, (or hopefully, "ex") married man is doing with his wife and family!  

Ladies, stick to your guns if you are trying to delete the cheat out of your sheets.  Don't live another year of waiting for him to leave his wife in order to be with you!  It will NOT happen. Don't waste your good years on a man who already has a family.. ..better to email me instead and we can partake in a "christmas mistresses anonymous" session ~ who needs men anyway!!

Love, Sarah J. x

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