Friday, November 30, 2007

"Tis the Season to be Jolly!"

I wasn't sure what I would write about in my blog today, but it hit me (quite literally) last night at the supermarket, as I cruised the aisles, for a meal-for one dinner, and a bottle of the good stuff, to wash it down with!

"Lo and behold" an advent calendar fell off the shelf and landed promptly at my feet - which made me realize that, not only is tomorrow the first day of December, but, more importantly, that I haven't bought an advent calendar in years - due to the fact that I have always lived as "the other woman."  And, as any "OW" worth her salts, will tell you, we don't tend to buy in to the typical Christmas traditions, as it is too painful to deal with.  Too painful to have to contend with the fact that the man you love, is preparing to "deck the halls" with his wife and family, while you could be sitting at home on your todd, pining for him and waiting for his secret phone calls  (NOTE TO MISTRESSES: check out chapter 11 in my book, called "Surviving Christmas as a Mistress," and other holidays, to learn more!) 

So, now that I am no longer the other woman, I can embrace such, simple things, on the run up to Christmas.  Hence, I went ahead and bought the calendar, and in fact, I'm already looking forward to opening that little door tomorrow to see what surprise lies in there, waiting for me (and I do hope it's a picture of a HOT naked guy!).  Well hello? I said I was "reformed," not perfect!

Jingle jangle, and kisses from Sarah J. x 

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