Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Time Has Come!

Mistresses, and Misters...... I am deeply proud (and still somewhat shell-shocked) to announce that "The Mistress" (my new reality show) will premiere in Canada on 29th August. Pull up your seats one and all, for not only a birds-eye view into the secret world of the mistress, but also tips on how to spot a cheater, and how to avoid heartache, and, how to affair-proof your marriage. I am aiming at global domination on this topic you all, so, if you don't live in Canada, don't despair, I hope to bring the show to a TV near you soon. Peace and hugs Sarah J. xo


Anonymous said...

Girl, been there done that and got the T-Shirt. Where were you 5 years ago when I picked up with the married fool I was with. Oh well I learned better late than never. Can't wait to see your show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Thank-you for inspiring me to end a 10 year relationship with a married man. I'm sad but finally feel free and have no regrets closing the door. I followed your advice to end it in one call. His response was one you predicted which actually helped me prepare for that moment.I hope others will see themselves and value themselves enough to get out of a toxic relationship that goes nowhere. Thanks for your advice and support, don't stop many more need your knowledge and strength.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah your show inspired me to do the right thing and end a 10 year relationship with a marries man. I followed your advice and cut all ties. I feel sad but also relief that I finally did it and can move on. How sad to waste your life with someone you have no future with.Thank-you for bringing a sensitive topic to be out in the open. I truly hope others can see the truth and get out of these toxic relationships Your self-esteem and respect comes from what you do with your life not who you spend your time with.