Friday, November 25, 2011

It's that time of year again...

Sisters, hello.
How are you all bearing up during this time of year? I particularly reach out to all American Sisters of the Mistress-hood at this time of the year. How many of you are still living out the secret misery of being the "Other Woman" this Thanksgiving? Being put on hold while the man you are in love with is busy with the woman he is in love with, i.e. his wife. Have the holidays been hard for you, enduring stories from friends and family about their their busy holiday time with their family, while you are all alone, perpetually alone during these festive times, as well as each and every Saturday night? Are you dating the invisible man (i.e. a married one) and have no one to celebrate with? Dreading cheerful festive gatherings which you have to attend alone? If this is you, it's time to make change once and for all. If you are in despair of your affair and want out, then come to a Mistresses Anonymous ("MA") meeting. Link attached below. If as many of you as possible can find me on Facebook it will be great, as this is the main posting place for times of MA meetings etc. You may be a Mistress this Thanksgiving, but with my help, and the support of MA, I guarantee you will be in a far better place this time NEXT year. And remember, MA is like AA, but at MA we can drink. And anyone who knows anything about the 'life of the mistress' will know she often needs to!

Keep the faith Sisters and see you at MA soon
Sarah J xo

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