Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods.....

Check this out! As soon as I heard this story I just knew!! Ironically, I have said in many interviews, that "I know adultery like Tiger Woods knows golf!" Damn, he must have heard me and stepped up his game LOL.

Sarah J x


Girlfriday09 said...

Another high profile man who thinks he can hide behind his PR team and lawyers.

btbmistresstoaballer said...

With all the Tiger Woods Hype I have wanted to talk about my current relationship with a MM who happens to be a professional athelete. I met him outside of the stadium where I work and I see him everytime he is in town. I was in a commited relationship for 6 years and want that again, but since I have been seeing this MM I find it hard to commit to anybody. I feel like I attract MM or men who are in serios relationships and that I am looking for love in the wrong places. I know that these relationships are going no where, which is maybe why i seek them out. please help.

sarah J. Symonds said...

OMG I LOVE your nickame mistress 'btbmistresstoaballer' LOL

Email me privately to I will help you. Do NOT be a push over for this guy. I am sure he is just using you!

I am guessing you are in the states?

Sarah J x