Saturday, March 22, 2008

"An 'EGG'-cellent Weekend."

To all my moribund mistresses who are alone this Easter weekend (due to the loves of your lives spending quality time with their wives and families) I wanted to alert you to an article I read today, which stated that 'being in a bad marriage is dangerous for one's health and can cause more stress than being single.'  Apparently, being unhappily married can cause high blood pressure, so you might want to check your MM's general health and well-being when he returns to you after this long weekend spent with his family.  You may need to administer extra TLC.

But at least you don't have to hold back on the Easter Eggs though - as chocolate doesn't give you high blood pressure!  I also recommend reading chapter 11 of my 'handbook for the other woman,' which tells you how to survive such important - often lonely - social holidays as a mistress. Hopefully, most of you will have made other plans to be with an available, highly-testosterone-charged, stand in of a man this weekend.  I know I have!

Kisses Sarah. J x

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