Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wife School: Class is in Session.

Greetings from The Marriage Doctor!!

Ladies, it's THAT time of year again. This is the time of year I call "Cheaters Season." That's right, in the infidelity yearly calendar this is officially Cheaters Season! And while there may not be a Hallmark card for it yet, I can assure you it does exist, and sadly it is here to stay. We are about to enter the season that all wives need to be aware of. From the month of September, right up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, its basically open-season for many married men who decide to cheat on their wives. Married men who feel the urge to merge with another woman.

Many married men will be extremely frustrated after the confines of the long summer months (bless them), the chaotic summer vacations, and the forced-family-unit-time, leaving many of them seeking some adventure with another woman. After all, men need to reinstate their egos remember. Some married men will be looking forward to rekindling the affair they've had to put on hold during the summer period, knowing they need to work desperately hard to make amends with their 'Other Woman.' (*Wives, here's an important Wife School Tip, watch for any money going 'missing' from the ATM account during September, as he wines and dines his Mistress to try win back her affections*). It's a fact, as the summer is the time when I hear from most mistresses, all in despair-of their-affair with a man who is on the family vacation, unable to call or see his secret lover!

So Wives, I am here for you. You may not want to like me, but you sure need to listen to me. I have the secrets on how you can Affair-Proof your marriage (prevention is ALWAYS better than cure), as well as the REAL signs you should be looking for if your husband is stepping out on you. Better to know asap and nip it in the bud/deal with it, rather than let your husband have his cake and eat it, humiliating and hurting you when the truth comes out. Infidelity makes a joke of marital vows. Don't add insult to injury by being a part of that joke and turning a blind eye. That's not why you got married!!

Due to an overwhelming demand, I have started an organization called "Wife School" with all of you in mind. Having lived as the Other Woman for 14 years (not proud of that I can tell you) it blows me away to see how many wives LET their husbands cheat on them - either wittingly or unwittingly. WHY??? Ladies, never allow that 'space' to creep in between you and the man you married. Never allow a space in your marriage where another woman could walk in. And don't delegate your marital and wifely duties to another woman. That's just plain wrong.

The first rule of how to Affair-Proof your marriage is to "Act more like a Mistress than a Wife." Be there for him physically, mentally and emotionally. Treat your husband like gold and you'll automatically end up getting more of what you want too. There are many many more rules and tips. For more information, or a chance to enroll at Wife School, please email me at sarah@sarahswifeschool.com.

I urge you all to beat these cheats right out of your sheets, while enjoying being a wife at the same time. Make your husband want to come home to you, rather than have to come home to you. Huge difference. For everything else there's Wife School. Get your wife skills on!

Sarah J. x


Anonymous said...

Is there a website to "wife school"?

Anonymous said...

The wife has a right to know. If you have been cheating with a married man and he or you end it - tell the wife. What she does with the information is beside the point.

Most wives suspect infidelity but have no proof. They want to leave yet cannot leave based on suspicion alone; especially if children are involved.

Most wives know what their husbands are like and are not going to blame the other women - the wives just want to know - do the wife a favor and tell her the truth.

When and if you marry you will understand why it's so important to tell the wife,

The truth will set you free - it's true- both of you free.

Anonymous said...

You are right. All that I've read right here is correct. I know from experience. I was told by the other woman, by the friend of the other woman and by the husband of the other woman. Looking back, checking phone records, receipts, bank accounts, emails...It's all there. Not that I had a blind eye to things, I was not even looking. Did not think he'd dare cheat. Poof, so much for that. Why did the other's decide to call me... I don't know if it was revenge, or to free themselves. I'm glad that they did tell me. I felt like a fool of course. I did not deserve it. Funny how if you give your man everything, he still feels empty. The other's got off easy though. I wanted to sock them but good. I remained a lady. As far as someone who is the other woman. You loose too you know. You loose too. Thanks! Looking for the wife school. :)

Anonymous said...

Some wives do know but do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Aah why fight the natural order

Why aren't you happy enough with being supported by a man, having his affections, children, the social status of being a wife?

Men cheat. It's a given. It's not personal he just needs to.
It's unnatural the lengths some women go to in order to stop it.

The article is right, wives need to step up and compete for their husbands affections.
If he's wandering it's really your fault for not keeping him satisfied.
That's fair enough, maybe you aren't as interested in sex, or don't like to do what he fantasizes about.
So let him have his fun if you love him
Why not even help arrange it for him

Stay the wife by claiming your place. This doesn't mean having a hissy fit if he tries another woman, it means staying in the know

Men just aren't like women. It takes deception from women and pressure from society to make us give in to monogamy. We really hate it, it kills us.
You tricked us into it, got what you wanted
But if you want a man to stay confident and sexy he needs to be let off the leash sometimes and exercised.

Yard Sale: Male Oink Oink free soon to be thrown to the curb. said...

I totally agree with Sarah, if you want to be the new owner of the "man of your dreams cheating husband", please let his wife know. She is better off without him and from my experience, would be so grateful to not have to look at his face again by getting proof with one phone call. Like they say if they cheat on their wife, they will cheat on you. Sarah, I love everything you write, You are one smart cookie. Take care
Signed: Being cheated on- just waiting for the proof and everything to blow up in my "treasures" face.

Yard Sale: Male Oink Oink free soon to be thrown to the curb. said...

Sarah, is 100% correct, let the wife know, call her - tell her- then she can pass her cheating treasure to you. Trust me- from experience, if I had my Prizes mistress call me and confirm what I can't find out, because "My prize" the man of your dreams is a professional liar and good as a dog at hiding his tracks- I would be on her doorstep in 10 minutes passing her over the "golden treasure"and I would be finally happy to find a functional mentally stable "Treasure" lol
Imagine, having validation that you were correct all along and not delusional as the " Man of the dreams Treasure" tell their wives. Sarah, Keep up the great job, I love reading your post. You say it as it is, I love your honesty, so refreshing, Welcome to living and being happy again.

Norcross40 said...

I don't agree. Men who cheat, were brought up with no morals, self respect or love for themselves. They always have an addition to something, and as a wife who suspects her "Prize" is cheating, I can assure you, he gets and has everything he could ever want. My "Prize" has an additive personality, I agree with the other comment, "the other woman" God Bless her, if she wants what we throw out, she should 100% contact the wife of the cheater. She has lots to gain, "the prize" so funny, the other woman always thinks she can change him, if they cheat on us, they will cheat on you....... The husband cheater is an alley cat, they love no one but themselves. Personally, I am thinking right now... that hey, let him run wild, I may as well have all the financial support, garbage taken out, lawn mowed, trips, presents, Christmas's etc etc, eventually he will get old and so will everything else.