Friday, November 12, 2010

Open Letter to Tana Ramsay

Dear Tana,

I can't help but write this open letter to you after reading Gordon's "heartfelt" interview in Saturday's Daily Mail. I had to reach out to you and offer you my support at this ghastly time, especially due to the weak individual he is trying to portray you as.

I offer you my support with much credibility Tana, as, after my affair with your husband was exposed, I've worked extremely hard to reform myself, and now, as the World's first, and only, "Infidelity Analyst," I'm able to use my intimate inside knowledge (and lessons learned by my mistakes of the heart) to help women everywhere live in the truth. I especially help wives all over the world by mentoring them on how NOT to be used and humiliated by their husbands, especially by celebrity ones who think they can have it all. So, hand on heart, I write to you here today with all good intentions, because after reading - along with the rest of the world - all that is being said about you by Gordon, and by your father, I really feel for you. I mean, it can't be easy for a woman like you to be perceived by both of them as SO weak, and so easy to manipulate. Tana, you are a successful woman, mother, and author, and represent what so many married women aspire to be. What they are saying is damaging and it's unfair of them. After all, they are the ones with the secrets, with the clearly dodgy dealings!! To me this is classic behavior of the typical narcissist; to deflect any wrong doing by immediately going on the attack, but aiming to use a weaker person in the scenario to look as though they are being the 'big man'. Yawn!

I know full well what it is like to be manipulated by bullies and powerful men with huge egos Tana, and sadly your husband featured as one of them in my life for way too long. I can now totally and absolutely see why he'd always tell me that he and your father were "so tight," as - from what is unfolding for all to see - it seems they share so MANY of the same 'qualities' (or rather, traits should I say) not least in how they are dealing with this ugly debacle for all the world to see. It is hard to even get through the interviews they are both giving, as every word is dripping with such hatred and innuendo. I guess they are both trying to be the first to expose each other and spill the dirt. Bit like kids in a playground really. Pathetic!

Tana, after the news of my affair with Gordon broke, I read in an article somewhere that you said you, "admired you mother and father greatly", and that you'd always, "wanted a marriage like they had!" I swear that is why I truly thought you stayed with Gordon when you found out he had been cheating on you with me, and with others, as I thought you were perhaps referring to the secret life your father had too. I assumed you'd perhaps been brought up in a Jimmy Goldsmith type household, where everything was out in the open.

So, to read in Gordon's interview that, "Tana still does not know everything about her father, but she is certainly getting up to speed — and that is a little scary. She knows about 90 per cent. She has been shocked. She struggled. It is a big blow. She had this perfect image of her daddy and it is not there....", then again, hand on heart, I am honestly blown away. My God, you must not know who to trust anymore, and I don't blame you!!!! It seems that both men have lied to you and manipulated you, but sadly you have let them Tana. You are way too nice, and way too good for them. I always recommend wives show more backbone at times like these. Show them what you are made of and stand up to these men. Regain some self-respect and dignity and not let your man/men treat you as a weaker individual. After all, men (whoever they are) will ONLY walk all over you IF YOU LET THEM!

Reading the interview Gordon gave to the Daily Mail was like wading through treacle. I question how a 'man' can sit there and say all those things about another man's private life, when he himself has so many skeletons in that department. Also, how can he still try to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public by pretending to be such a family man, worried about his kids and his wife etc, when he never seemed worried about them when he was with me, and doing his own thing. I find it all very bizarre, and I have to wonder if he is indeed having a breakdown, has become 'that monster,' or is perhaps on some kind of wrong medication for those pesky mood swings. Perhaps you ought to check?

When I read that he referred to you as being used as a "target" by your family when his back was turned, in order to, "try to manipulate and poison," my heart went out to you. Making you out to seem as though you have no mind of your own and could be poisoned that easily? And the kicker was, when he referred to you as, "the weak point," they all saw you as? WHAT??? God... that was low. Furthermore, he refers to you as in floods of tears and is constantly listening to you bawling your eyes out? That is hugely sexist, let alone something that is best kept private. If only Gordy would own up to his part of what drives you to these floods of tears eh Tana? Mind you, that would take integrity, so we better pass on that one.

Anyhow, I am in your corner Tana as I certainly know how hard it is to discover that people you've loved and trusted are not who you thought they were at all. It is HEARTBREAKING. Trust me, I know that feeling. And, although I don't know your mother from Adam, if she really did give you that advice about dumping Gordon, she kinda has my vote here I have to say....

Take care.
Peace and hugs
Sarah x


Anonymous said...

You have some nerve!

Anonymous said...

I was very interested to read your take on GR's interview. But I cannot see his wife leaving. She has been isolated now and she will probably continue to shore up GR.

Sharon said...

Thank you for your kind gesture during what appears to be a tough time for the Ramsays...I'm sure they appreciated the laugh.