Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a fake bake if there ever was one!!

Never underestimate the power of a (cheating) married man to lie...continually. I have just read - in today's UK Daily Mail newspaper - that Gordon Ramsay had the nerve to call me deluded about our affair! Shame he does not have those same balls to admit the truth about our affair. The truth ALWAYS comes out eventually - it just depends how long eventually actually is. If I am deluded then he is an ugly old wrinkled cook - oh, but he is, silly me!

The journalist doing the story had been told not to ask him about me, however, when his wife stepped out of the room (strike one) he ripped into me and how the story about him sleeping with me was so untrue...LOL!! Clinton comes to mind, and how stupid he looked when he had lied so much about something that was true and later proven.

It is said that "Knowingly making false statements, or at the very least making statements with disregard for the truth - either way - are defamatory."

Watch this space, as my guess is it won't be pretty.
Keep the faith and live in the truth

Sarah J x


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

I read that article and none of it was convincing. Any one with a brain would know that they are just trying to make you look bad -they haven't succeeded.

Keep strong x


sarah J. Symonds said...

Bless you Lucy, THANK YOU for your lovely comment X

PrincessBerkeley said...

He is utterly pathetic to speak of you in that way. Please don't listen to the hurtful words he's using.
You're not deluded in the slightest bit... and he knows it.... THAT is why he's attempting to discredit you to the public.
What a sad little man he's turning out to be.
Just stay strong.... you have more supporters than you realize.