Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you...

Dear Sisters (and now Brothers??)
I just wanted to thank you for the multitudes of letters, emails and blog comments of support at this time -  as well as now - all those from men too!  I'm taking a minute to publish a few of the emails I've received that have particularly touched me, ironically two of them are from men. Obviously I am publishing these anonymously. Thank you all.

Sarah J. x

Hi Sarah, 
I'm sure you get tons of emails about your book, both good and bad.
I started having an affair about 3 months ago. First and hopefully the last for me. I think I got the courage to do it when my girlfriend told me she was having an affair with an MM herself. She's older, social butterfly, happy, accomplished and I look up to her.

I actually have become "friends" with my MM. We have gone away on vacation, received jewelery, flowers, dinners, and have stayed in fancy hotels. 

Thanksgiving just passed and everything you said in your book was to the point... jealousy, etc etc. His birthday is next week and Christmas and New years around the corner!! Boy I got hit with everything at once!

I wanted to thank you for writing this book, because Im not thrilled doing what Im doing. Im at a bad point in my life with my career, dead end relationships, recession, and family drama. It was supposed to be fun, carefree and to some point it was supposed to bash men. In a weird turn of events he has become a great friend, someone I can depend on emotionally and care deeply for. I look up to him and his success, his family life and his love for life. Im jealous of all that he has (including me).

Your book is a great eye opener and a rational logical, realistic hot metal prod to the ass about what an affair is. Its an AFFAIR!  If I am going to have one, I need to treat it like a business. I need to separate my personal feelings from the situation. 

I also heard from the news about your affair with the celebrity chef, hope everything works out for you. Most people would see you and me as bad bad evil women but I dont. 

Do I feel for the wife? I do. She has never done anything to me, yet I am to her. Maybe I can learn from her mistakes when I get married.

Have a great holiday season!  Stay strong as well. Your book is like my new "bible".

Hello Sarah, I am a guy, just writing you a short note to offer support for your recent press appearance and also to say that I think you are an extremely attractive lady who has my utmost admiration.

I hope the press treat you well over the Gordon's issue from here on in - I am envious that I too am not a top Chef with a companion such as you.

I just find you wickedly attractive and as we only have one stint on this planet I could not let the opportunity to write to you pass by.

Have a nice day 

Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to drop you a line, as your situation and some of the less complimentary press you have received has got me thinking about my own past.

When I first started seeing my current girlfriend (of 4 years) she was still married so I guess I was 'the other man'. Although our affair was discreet while she was married and sorting out her issues with that relationship, when we started openly dating after her divorce I was of course not the most popular person with her friends and family. Anyway, I am not really sure what my point is, other than to say that sometimes a relationship is what it is and while it can be complicated and lead to people getting hurt, that does not make anyone a bad person. It is human nature to find people outside of your relationship attractive, to want something more and to pursue that interest.

After having a quick look at your blog I can only wish you luck with finding a single man to date, I imagine that most single men are intimidated by such a beautiful, intelligent and outspoken woman as you. Ah if only you were in the UK and I was single.... I would love a crack at the title! ; )I wish you luck in what you are doing, keep speaking out and standing up for the other women (and other men) and most of all I hope you have fun and play often!

Best, D.
P.S. Gordon is quite clearly an idiot! calling you a slapper when actually he should just feel blessed that he even managed to catch the eye of someone like you!


An Admirer said...

This site needs more pics! drool............

Harriet said...

Sarah, just let me say that for me at least, your publicity couldn't have come at a better time. I've just become entangled with an MM and to this day he has not mentioned the 'wife'. I just googled him and he is a paragon of the community, yet I would be viewed as a little homewrecker. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.