Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Notes from the "Big Apple"

Hello Sisters,
Thank you for all of your continued emails on your situations with your "MMs," asking for advice:- all of your stories are so different, but always remember that he is the one having it all not you.  Wise up to that and you will be ok...

I write this blog from New York, where I celebrated my birthday yesterday.  

With regards to the angry wife who sent me a comment to my blog, in relation to the article that appeared in the Sunday Express Newspaper in the UK yesterday, two things: 1). I am proud of you for actually divorcing your husband when you found he was having an affair - so many wives don't, but 2). The anger you show toward me, and "other women" would be better directed at your husband, or rather, ex-husband.

Thats all for today, keep the faith
more from L.A. tomorrow.

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